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Tea Time! What Does Your Go-To Chai Say About You?

A chai break is a thing of priority, and a priority it must be. Because, well, hello – chai! The yummy concoction of that hot (or cold), calming liquid is an essential for anyone who’s trying to get any work done through the day. Each one of our palates, however, favours a different flavour. And it’s this very preference that gives us an insight into our personalities. So ladies, what does your go-to chai say about you?

1. Spicy Masala Chai

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Taking risks in life is what defines you. You are always on the go and never chicken out when asked to step out of your comfort zone. You love meeting new people and learning about their lives. Curiosity is what drives you to keep exploring life.

2. Homemade Adrak Chai

favourite tea 2

You are truly traditional at heart. You love all things vintage and admire the little things in life. You have a big heart that beats only for family and close friends. You choose your friends wisely and treasure them, no matter what. You love all forms of art and identify with each one of them.

3. Delicious Elaichi Chai

favourite tea 3

You love the finer things in life. You know how to draw the line between work and fun. You are nice to the people you like and never take them for granted. You may have few friends, but all of them are precious. You respect friendship and make sure you give it your hundred percent!

4. Strong Kaali Chai

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No one can take you for a ride, because you’re incredibly smart and swift. What others believe is unattractive is beautiful to you. Before taking a decision, you like to think it through from various perspectives. You’re an optimist and are always content with what you have. No matter what comes your way, stay the way you are!

5. Tangy Lemon Tea

favourite tea

You like doing things in your own sweet time. You are your own boss and know exactly how to get work done. You have a select bunch of friends who are really close to you. You are sensitive to people’s feelings and look for ways to help them out in whichever way you can.

6. Healthy Herbal Tea (Jasmine/ Rose/ Mint/ Fruit)

favourite tea

You crave a life full of adventure and love experimenting with new things. You’re always bubbly and people love your zest for life. You can gel well with practically anyone because of your ability to talk about anything under the sun. You are playful when you need to be, and wise when required.

7. Refreshing Green Tea

favourite tea

You prefer to lead a peaceful life. You’re a positive person and people can’t seem to get enough of you. When you have to make a decision, you give it some serious thought. You’re a thinker and a believer. You take a stand for your opinions and your perception of what’s right. You also make sure you treat your body with respect.

8. Chilled Iced Tea

favourite tea

As the name suggests, you’re a chilled-out person! You live for the moment and don’t take life too seriously. When a situation is tense, you never lose your cool. You have many friends and they like hanging out with you because of your vibrant personality. You have a good heart and always wish well for others. In a nutshell, you’re pretty awesome!

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06 May 2016

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