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Psst! What Do You Do About The Hair ‘Down There’?

Psst! What Do You Do About The Hair ‘Down There’?

Hair “down there” is not something we end up talking about very often – be it due to awkwardness or embarrassment. The good news is, you’re NOT the only one contemplating “hair-free down there” thoughts. Whether you want to go totally hairless or just engage in a little grooming, we bring you 5 different methods for dealing with it, AND their pros and cons – so you can make an informed decision!

1. Shaving To The Rescue

Sure, shaving is the quickest route to hair removal, but if not done right, you could end up with nasty burns and cuts. For women who have sensitive skin, feeling itchy down there after a couple of days of shaving is quite possible. If you’re opting for shaving nevertheless, make sure you invest in a good quality razor. Also ensure that you’re using a new razor with a sharp blade. Use it for not more than 2 or 3 times and chuck it before the blade gets blunt.

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2. Turn To Electrolysis

Claiming to put an end to hair growth altogether, electrolysis works by destroying the root of each hair follicle, one at a time. A needle-shaped electrode is used to destroy the hair root, which prevents the hair from growing again. To remove all the hair roots, it takes about 25 sessions, depending on how strong/thick your hair growth is. If removing it once and for all is what you want, electrolysis is a relatively safe option. Here’s a list of detailed pros and cons for this method of hair removal. Also, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist before opting for this one!

3. Consider Laser Treatments

Before you get a laser treatment done, you should know exactly what is it. The treatment involves a hand-held laser device that releases a pulsed beam. This hot ray of light, when passses through your skin, destroys several hair follicles per second. It’s NOT as scary or painful as it sounds! There are a few precautions involved though – during the treatment, the doctor and you are supposed to wear goggles to protect your eyes, for instance. The aftercare involves a few lotions and ice packs (to prevent swelling) as subscribed to you by your doctor. For this hair removal method to work, you need to attend 5-6 sessions, weeks apart. Compared to other treatments, this one costs quite a bit! But hey, if you’re looking for long-term respite, laser treatments are worth a consideration!

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4. Give Hair-Removal Creams A Shot

The best part about them? They are not painful at all! The only problem with using them is that they might not agree with all skin types. When picking one up, make sure you read the box labels carefully and follow each step as instructed at the back of the product’s packaging box. If you feel any itching or irritation on applying them, wash the cream off immediately! In fact, if trying a cream out for the first time, do a patch test somewhere else on your skin (the arm, leg, wherever) to check if the cream actually suits you. These creams are not expensive or time consuming!

5. Good Old Waxing!

If you can handle a little pain, waxing your pubic hair is an option that can be explored. The reason it’s the most popular method of hair removal is because it’s fast, long-lasting, and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft! But PLEASE, do not try to do it yourself at home! Like a lot of other treatments, this one also should be left to the pros! A salon or spa will have trained professionals and the right tools for a bikini wax. Since there are many types of waxing options for pubic hair available out there, read up before you decide on one!

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05 May 2016

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