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What On Earth Is A Hair Tattoo?! (Would YOU Try This?)

What On Earth Is A Hair Tattoo?! (Would YOU Try This?)

The next big thing on the Internet right now seems to be hair tattoos! Yes, we had the same reaction when we first heard about them – “What on earth is a hair tattoo?!” Right? So we dived right in to find out what it was and here’s our verdict – we totally love this! If you are tired of the same hair and you want to spice it up a bit without chopping it off or colouring it, might we suggest these super cool hair tattoo designs!


These are temporary metallic hair tattoo designs that you stick to your hair the same way you would use a temporary tattoo on your skin. Stick the sticker on your hair, a little dab-a-dab-dab with water on it, pull the paper off and there you have it! They come in all sorts of metallic hues that reflect light as you move! Hair tattoos look like you have a delicate metallic crown on your hair without making you look like you’re going for a festival.

Spotted rocking this hair trend and looking gorgeous is none other than Kylie Jenner! She chose a plain gold tattoo that complements her black hair perfectly. We’re totally crushing on her and these metallic beauties! What do you think? 


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05 May 2016

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