Shaadi Shopping Postponed Due To Coronavirus? 11 Things You Can Start With At Home

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Mar 18, 2020
Shaadi Shopping Postponed Due To Coronavirus? 11 Things You Can Start With At Home


If you recently got engaged or rokaed and it’s just not sinking in, it’s alright! There are a multitude of emotions coursing through you and that’s perfectly normal. You’re happy, elated, jittery, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and still, these words don’t seem to cover all the sentiments inside you. 

However, the wedding planning and shopping schedule that you had in mind may have come to a standstill since you’re quarantined. But don’t fret because there are loads of things you can do sitting right at home. If you are a responsible citizen and are practising social distancing, then this is how you can start your shaadi planning sitting at home.

Hey Bride-To-Be, Start Planning For Your D-Day In The Comfort Of Your Room:

Here’s a pro tip: Get loads of old notebooks and diaries because your life is going to be taken up with lists and more lists.

Set a budget

Sit together or skype with each other and figure out a budget with your husband for the wedding functions- how much are you both willing to spend and what is the upper limit for the whole affair. This may not be the most fun part of wedding planning but is definitely the most important. List out venue budget, catering budget, outfit budget and so on. 

Get inspired by the things you find

The world of the internet is filled with a gazillion inspiration pictures for every kind of wedding- from intimate ceremonies to grand services, there is loads to find. Find outfits you like so that you can show it to your designer later, find theme ideas for different functions, find the details of invites and bridesmaid boxes and keep them in a saved folder neatly so that you remain organised. You must also follow POPxo Wedding Instagram, we’ve got all the inspiration and tips! 

Start listing down your guests

This one is going to be one of the biggest tasks, especially if you’re going in for that big, fat desi shaadi. Our suggestion is that give your parents a couple of days to prepare their list and give them a people cap. In the meantime, prepare your list. Give your siblings a list of his/her own, then you can all sit together and tally who all will make it to the final list. If you and your fiancé are planning simple functions with a combined guest list then do this task over a video call together. 

Decide your bridesmaids’ list

How much ever you want all your friends to be a part of your bridesmaids’ list, it just isn’t possible. Make a list of who all are your top ladies who will be going with you for the bachelorette trip and be front and centre at your wedding. You can also assign them tasks you think they’d be good at. 

The wedding goes digital

Now with Whatsapp and fast internet, there are so many things you can do just sitting at home. Create all your groups on Whatsapp- sangeet practice group, bridesmaids group, family groups, cousins groups because all these will come handy for exchange of ideas and delegation of work. You all also have to decide the wedding hashtag, so get everyone to put on their thinking caps.

Find your wedding vendors

These days every wedding vendor has an Instagram page that you can look at as their work portfolio. See them, follow their work, find out what they charge and accordingly narrow in on who you want to book. You will find choreographers, makeup artists, planners, decorators and photographers. Make the most of this time and zero in on your top 5 for each category. 

Plan the entertainment for your functions

If you are having an elaborate wedding, you will be calling some outside entertainment. If it’s a DJ or a live band or a musician you will have to figure out the kind of function you want and who you want to book. Chances are that if it’s a popular artist their dates are harder to get, might as well book them as soon as you decide. 

Send out e-invites

If you have decided your date then sending out e-invites is also a great idea. It will save you money as well as will be beneficial for the environment. If the invitations aren’t ready, sending out the save-the-date cards can also be done sitting at home. In fact, you and bae can design it together! 

Research venue options

While you may not be able to actually go and visit the venue you can always research and look at pictures from the place. Most hotels have brochures online so that you can get an estimate of the capacity it holds. List down a few that you like and are suitable for your type of wedding. Once the situation improves, you’ll have a fair idea of the venues you want to visit. You can even get quotes from them over a phone call to get more clarity.

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Have an Insta plan

Did you even get married if you didn’t share the pictures on Instagram? The answer is no, you didn’t. You can go through photographer pages and websites and have an idea of the kind of pictures you want to get with your bride tribe, family as well as husband. An Insta page dedicate to your D-day is also not a bad idea!

Start your at-home beauty treatments

There’s a whole lot of pressure to look flawless on your D-day and while the highlighter and foundation help, the bridal glow doesn’t come with just that. You can start with DIY beauty treatments at home before it’s safe to visit the salon. From facials, body scrubs and hair masks, there’s a lot of goodness right in your kitchen! 

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