Simple Beauty Tips To Follow A Month Before Your Wedding For Gorgeous Hair & Skin!

Simple Beauty Tips To Follow A Month Before Your Wedding For Gorgeous Hair & Skin!

With your D-day approaching, it’s natural to get nervous and feel the jitters. You don’t even realize when the time just drifts by swiftly and suddenly you find yourself just a month away from your wedding day!

*BIG gasp* 

But do not worry as we are here to help you, gorgeous. Just take a deep breath as it’s time to focus on yourself amidst all the crazy wedding preparations so that it’s not just your highlighter that’s glowing on your big day! Here are some beauty tips that brides must follow a month before their wedding. 

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    Beauty Tips A Bride Must Follow A Month Before The Wedding

    With just a few weeks to go for the biggest day of your life, we share some amazing tried and tested beauty tips with all you beautiful would-be brides. These will ensure you look ravishing on your big day. Follow these simple beauty tips a month before your wedding.

    Amazing Hair Care Tips For The Bride-To-Be

    1. Luscious locks definitely demand some extra love and care, don’t you agree? Regular oiling, hair spas, hair masks, and other hair treatments are a must. Taking precautionary measures such as cutting down on using heat to style your mane, not doing any last-minute experiments such as hair rebonding or even going for a crazy haircut is highly advisable. You would want your hair to look shiny and healthy in your wedding photos and selfies, right?

    2. Start incorporating nutrient-heavy foods in your daily diet. Eating foods like fish, various nuts (almonds, walnuts cashew nuts, etc.), eggs, pulses, green vegetables, etc. are highly recommended. You can also take supplements of vitamin D and E that will make your hair stronger from within. Intake of biotin tablets is also advised but do consult a doctor before taking supplements in any form. Eggs have a high amount of biotin in them, you can always make a hair mask using two eggs and keep in in your mane for an hour or so!
    3. Go out for a relaxing day at the spa ‘coz that stress is not going to do anything good for your hair, right? Get regular hair massages and allow the oils to penetrate deeper into your scalp. This shall not only make your mane stronger but will also help you relax and take a break. It will help boost circulation for stronger and shinier hair. Deep condition your mane regularly and go crazy with hair masques! The natural, the better.

    4. If you wish to grow out your mane for your big day, just make sure you are taking care of it while letting it grow all out. Just get a nice trim or a haircut two weeks before your big day so that you can have fabulous, flip-worthy mane! If you’re planning to get your hair coloured, get it done two weeks in advance! 
    5. Go natural! Natural hair masks, at-home hair spas, naturally nutrient-enriched foods; we hope your mane is in its glossiest form on your big day.

    How To Make Your Face Glow Before Your Wedding Day

    1. First the basic- drink loads and loads of water! Water replenishes your skin from within and is the perfect way to ensure that all the toxins are out of your body and all you are left with is a glowy skin. If you haven’t already upped your intake then you must NOW! It’s the most efficient way to have clearer skin and a brighter, dewy glow.
    2. Excercise! Yes work it out, girl. Exercising is one of the best ways to boost circulation and bring a natural radiance to your complexion. It can be something as simple as taking regular evening walks or skipping in your room for 15 minutes. You should also do facial exercises daily to improve the blood flow on your face and use a facial roller to relax and depuff your face.
    3. Start prepping your skin with a daily skincare routine. Do not experiment at the last minute. Use the products that you’ve been using for a long time and have been working in your favour too as your skin loves them already. Follow the regular CTM (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing) routine daily. Use a mild scrub on your face twice a week. If you do feel like working out with a new set of products, we suggest you buy sample-sized ones so that you can try them out and if they do not work out, you won’t feel like you wasted money. You can indulge yourself with K-beauty products as they are known to be mild and free of harsh ingredients. Also, sheet masks and face serums are a must!
    4. Facials! If you want your face to be glowing on your D-day, do not shy away from facials, twice a month. Your last one should be 8 days prior to your wedding date so as to allow any redness to settle. Multani Mitti with a pinch of turmeric is a foolproof face pack to use a couple of times a week to help clear up your skin if you do not believe in the concept of facials.
    5. For lips, first and foremost, avoid picking them or licking them at any cost. Always keep a lip oil handy so that your lips are always moisturized and you do not get the urge to constantly lick them. Use a lip scrub every alternative day for a super smooth pout. You can use a dry toothbrush to brush off the excess dry skin off your lips if you do not have a lip scrub. Use a nightly lip mask for a pout-ful of happiness!

    Let Your Eyes Do All The Talking On Your Wedding Day

    1. Don’t let the traces of you being tired show up on your face. Dark circles and puffy eyes are common during your wedding preparations as brides have so much to do! But it is always important to catch a breath, sleep well and not let your eyes have bags under them. Make your you’re getting a decent amount of sleep every day. If you feel like dark circles are making a debut under your eyes, mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder with lemon juice and apply this wonder mix daily. Use an under-eye roller before hitting the bed to wake up to fresh eyes. Collagen eye masks are also a great addition to your beauty routine. 
    2. Massage your eye area using a jade roller and an under-eye serum to instantly awaken your eyes. Using almond and coconut oils under your eyes has also proven to be wonderful. You can also use aloe vera gel as a great substitute or try this easy hack- Take two spoons and keep them in the freezer for a minute and massage it well under your eyes.

    One Month Bridal Skin Care For Your Body

    1. Amidst all the crazy preparations and beauty tips, how can we ignore the body? Your neck, shoulders, and décolletage are just as important. Use a body scrub every alternative day. Moisturize your body from neck to toe (facial and body moisturizers are different!) daily. The only thing to ignore during these times is the useless texts from your ex and not your sunscreen! Go for a full body massage, full-body treatments and masks to ensure your body is glowing!
    2. If you have sensitive skin, use oils on your body for a daily dose of hydration. You can also use aloe vera gel, it's a great substitute to oils. 
    3. Schedule your waxing appointment 3 to 4 days before the festivities begin. Use shea butter or a calming gel to calm your body if it reacts in any form. Using a thin layer of Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) is also a great way to sooth any eruptions and also make your skin glow.

    Keep Your Hands and Feet Looking Oh-So-Pretty On Your D-Day

    1. Get regular mani-pedis every month without fail. It will not only remove the dead skin but will keep your hands and feet looking pretty at all times. Manicures and pedicures are also a great way to remove tanning!
    2. Let your nails grow out. Eating nutrient-heavy foods such as eggs, green veggies have proven helpful in the growth of our nails. You can also take vitamin E and biotin capsules to make your nails stronger but not without consulting a doctor first! And if your nails refuse to grow beyond a certain length, you can always go for nail extensions! 
    3. Always keep a super moisturizing cream handy and don't forget to moisturize your hands and feet after washing them. This will not only make ‘em soft but will also keep them hydrated. 
    4. Also, avoid any tight, closed shoes because you really don’t want any painful shoe bites or bruises on your feet to come in the way of all your bridal glory.

    Other Pointers To Keep In Mind For The Bride-To-Be

    1. Don’t stress. We know it is easier said than done. If you’re feeling stressed or feel like nothing’s going your way, go out for a walk or call your girls over for a fun night-in.
    2. Take care of yourself. You are the bride, remember that.
    3. Go to a gym, take dance classes or join a yoga session - exercising releases happy hormones and takes your mind off all that wedding stress.
    4. Meditate. It will not only keep you calm and composed, but it will help you put your mind to rest amidst all the wedding madness. 
    5. Ask for help. If you think you won’t be able to do something, ask your family or friends to help you out and trust us, they’ll be more than happy to do it.

    Dear gorgeous bride-to-be, we hope you loved these amazing yet easy pre-bridal beauty tips and tricks.

    We bet you’re ready to slay on your big day!

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