10 Wedding Night *Secrets* No One Will EVER Tell You!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Mar 10, 2017
10 Wedding Night *Secrets* No One Will EVER Tell You!

If life was a Bollywood movie, we would all have perfectly romantic, unbelievably orgasmic wedding nights. But life isn’t a Hindi film, so stop imagining your wedding night to play out just like your fav movie scene. Instead, read these 10 wedding night secrets to know what first nights are really like. No one – not your friends, not your relatives, not your movies – will tell you about them!

1. The first kiss that you share with your ‘husband’ will stay with you forever.

No matter if you’ve kissed him a hundred times before or not, your wedding night kiss will be an extremely special one. You’ll both expect it, and when the time for it will come, it’ll be long, slow and lingering.

2. Your husband will help you dress down, and that will turn you on more than anything else!

He’d help you take off all those hundred pins, undo your hair, undo your dress… and undo you. It’d all be so sweet, sexy and intimate at the same time, that you two will have trouble keeping your hands to yourself.

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3. You might spend your first night sleeping, and NOT having sex!

All the rituals and functions and nights of merry making are so tiring, that many couples end up just making out and then falling asleep on their wedding night. It’s sweet actually, almost like prolonging the first time they have sex as a married couple.

3 wedding night secrets

4. Your husband’s friends will prepare him for his wedding night by getting him all sorts of toys, lubricants and condoms…

Just like your friends will pack you with exciting lingerie. You didn’t think you’d be the only one to come prepared for the big night, did ya?

5. Your husband will be just as nervous as you.

He’d want to make all the right moves, and would worry over upsetting you or causing you discomfort. But of course, he wouldn’t let it show.

6. You two might be starving or drunk, or both on your wedding night…

…Depending on what you ate (or didn’t) and what you drank and how much, earlier during the function.

6 wedding night secrets

7. You will realize a bit too late that you are wearing functional lingerie, or no lingerie at all…

Because almost every wedding attire comes equipped with shapewear, so you either don’t wear anything underneath and if you do, it’s only functional. So you take a moment, excuse yourself and slip into the sexy lingerie you had intended to wear.

8. If you are at your in-laws’ place, you might even worry loads about waking up on time the next morning…

…‘Coz what will people say of a bahu who wakes up later than everybody else? Or, at least that’s what’d be running in your head and you’ll end up setting a hundred alarms.

9. You may not even get good sleep…

…Because new room, new mattress, a whole new person sleeping next to you. This may not be very comfortable in the beginning.

9 wedding night secrets

10. The next morning you’ll take a moment to register where you are and what happened last night…

…And as your blurry new room will come into focus, you will remember that you got married last night and what a wonder that will seem!

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