Mithai No More: 7 Unique & Useful Wedding Favours That Your Guests Will Love You For!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Mar 28, 2018
Mithai No More: 7 Unique & Useful Wedding Favours That Your Guests Will Love You For!


Enough with the aadha kilo badaam and mithai ka dabba with the wedding invitation, people! Don’t you think that it’s time to let go of the cliche and age-old wedding favours? Well, we do and so we have compiled a list of some really cool, unique AND useful wedding favours that your guests will not only love but will most happily use! Take a look…

1. Handmade soaps

Nothing like a couple of cutely packaged handmade soaps, which are both visually appealing and practical. You could get them customised with your initials or your wedding date (or both!) Trust us, everybody will love them and will always remember your wedding card!

2. Scented candles


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Not only do candles smell really nice, but also have calming effects depending on the fragrance you choose. So, every time your guests light up the candles for a relaxed evening, they will remember your wedding! Plus, who doesn’t like to receive a set of pretty looking candles that smell awesome?!

3. Bottle openers


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Now come on, what can be more useful than a cutesy bottle opener? It’s something that everyone needs in their house and a magnet bottle opener will definitely make it to your guest’s refrigerator door. 

4. Cookie jars


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Tiny mason jars filled with those little dollops of happiness – we know we would love this! You could even combine a few flavours together, which will make the gift even better. Replace the cookies with candy or bite-sized chocolates for all the kids attending your wedding. 

5. A pretty journal

We know that mobile phones and technology have taken the charm away from using journals and diaries to jot things down, but hey, use your wedding as an excuse to try and bring that trend back. You can even write a sweet ‘Thank you’ message on the first page of the journal! 

6. Personalised jars of spices


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Now all the aunties and uncles are going to love you for this. It might sound bizarre, but you have no idea how cool it will be! Such edible wedding favours are a bit unique and try this.

7. Potted plants

A very thoughtful and pretty wedding favour indeed. Tiny pots which the guests can put in their bedroom, balcony or garden is a great wedding favour option that’ll stay with your guests for a long, long time. 

P.S. Another interesting thing to note about these gifts is that they will cost you just as much (or maybe even less in certain cases) as the regular gifting options like sweets, chocolates and dry fruits! So, double yay!!!

So now that you have all these interesting and useful wedding favour ideas for your guests that they will surely love, please do not go with the same old sweet boxes, yeah? And it’s okay, you can thank us later!

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