Your Sunday Binge, Sorted: 7 Web Series Team POPxo Is Currently Obsessing Over

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Feb 5, 2020
Your Sunday Binge, Sorted: 7 Web Series Team POPxo Is Currently Obsessing Over

Do you remember the painful days when we had to wait every week to watch a new episode of our favourite sitcoms? I offer a prayer to the online streaming gods every day for giving us the precious gift of binge-watching. Don’t you just love hitting the enticing “watch next” button after an episode ends of a nail-biting cliffhanger? Well, we at Team POPxo are serious binge-watchers and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite web series so that you don’t waste time overthinking what to watch over the weekend.

Show’s Team POPxo Is Binge-Watching RN

As *expert* binge-watchers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that you’re not wasting time watching something boring in your free time. Here are our best picks for you.

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Sex Education


I just finished watching the second season of Sex Education I’ve got to say I never imagined that the story of horny teenagers exploring their sexuality could be so charmingly smart, funny and cleverly written. In season one, we left Otis gloriously celebrating masturbating for the first time and this time he’s taken to his new hobby rather merrily- exploring the wonders and pleasures his own body is capable of. We delve deeper into the minds of the young adults, their struggles and what motivates them and behind all the laughs the show confronts some important issues–sexual violence against women, mental trauma young adults go through, complicated family relations and of course, the curiosity of your own body.

–Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

Cable Girls

This Spanish drama on Netflix is set in 1920s and is fantastically feminist. This was an era when women were nothing more than wives, mothers, and daughters. The women couldn’t leave their abusive marriages, they couldn’t make a career and they couldn’t step out without seeking their husband’s permission. Despite the odds, the women in the show send out a strong timeless message of women empowerment and standing up for gender equality in those misogynistic times. From romance blossoming between a dapper director of a telephone company and a cable operator, betrayal, to broken hearts and lies, this one has got it all. Another reason I was hooked to this drama was because it transports you to a different era. The costumes, crop haircuts, sleek suits add all the necessary air of authenticity.

–Ekta Alreja, Deputy Editor



I recently finished watching the second season of You, and cannot wait for the third one. I watched the show with no expectations as I hadn’t read the novel it was based on. The show puts us into the head of Joe Goldberg, a stalker who seemed to be a hair width away from violence, but as dark as it got, I couldn’t stop watching. The tension in the show is held well, and while you would think that Joe gets on to the same pattern with another girl in the second season, the twists that pile up are quite interesting. According to me, You is a completely engaging psychological thriller. 

–Neha Kapoor, Senior Writer

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Jane The Virgin

I’ve always been fascinated by shows that are set up in beautiful locations and explore different cultures. After binging a few Turkish series, the intriguing title Jane The Virgin grabbed my attention. Shot in Miami, the trailer of the show is all about a virgin discovering that she’s pregnant and of course, I was hooked. The show, however, is not just about the pregnancy. There are a lot of elements attached–like family drama, professional hiccups, career choices, a love triangle, the underworld and what not! It’s a perfect satire on the telenovela. While I’ve completed just one season and I can’t wait to watch the second one, I would recommend Jane The Virgin to everyone who loves feel-good stories with juicy plots.

–Naina Sharma, Senior Writer

The Good Place


I just finished watching the fourth and final season of The Good Place and I’m feeling empty yet satisfied at the same time. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill comedy with cliched jokes and done-to-death plotlines. Behind the sharp humour and fantastic chemistry between characters, the show is a biting satire on the afterlife without attacking any religion in particular. The show gives a fun–and smart–twist to the biblical concept of heaven and hell and the result is a heady mix of lovable characters, phenomenal humour, smart storylines and an overall enjoyable show.

–Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor


Code M

I’m a sucker for shows revolving around the armed forces. I recently finished watching Code M on Zee 5 and was surprised by the execution, the gripping storyline, and the performances. Jennifer Winget plays a military lawyer who has been appointed to investigate the case of a fake encounter. The episodes are minus the frills and keep you on the edge of your seat all throughout. Not to mention that Tanuj Virwani, portraying the role of a legal counsel, is absolute eye candy!

–Manasvi Jaitley, Assistant Editor

The Rookie

I was, to put in simple words, dazzled by Nathan Fillion in Castle. So, when I learnt about his comeback in a new web series, I was super excited to climb the window. In The Rookie, Nathan Fillion is playing John Nolan, a cop-in-training, or a ‘rookie’ who decided to join the LAPD after a bank robbery gave him his life’s purpose. Nolan is the oldest rookie in the force who’s seen as walking mid-life crisis by some and one helluva smooth-talker by others (me, me!). His struggles between trying to keep up with the young cops and using his life experience, can-do attitude and humour to prevent crimes are the things that keep me going. Can’t wait for Season 3!

–Sayunkta Jain, Junior Editor

Now that you have this list–we challenge you to a binge-off this weekend! Ready, set…go!

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