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Wear Your Heart On Your Lips With The New POPxo Valentine Lip Kit

Wear Your Heart On Your Lips With The New POPxo Valentine Lip Kit

I don’t know about you but I’m not wearing my heart on my sleeves anymore. It’s only because I can wear my heart on my lips now all thanks to three newly-launched Valentine Lip Kits by POPxo.

Each kit contains two lush, heart-shaped lippies that are intensely pigmented with colour — from soft-glam corals to all-out reds, each one has a different kind of loved-up mood, feel, and aesthetic. For every sultry brown, there’s a shy, soft pink that’ll change it up for you just a little; proving that good things always come in pairs. 

Whether you’re buying one (or three) of these for yourself, your B.F.F, or your gal gang, you might want to see them up close and personal. Just try keeping up because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you must shift these to your cart STAT. 

These Lip Kits Will Get You All Those Double Taps On Instagram

BBG, This One’s Is A Keeper 

Sweetheart features two lippies ‘Keeper’ and ‘BBG’. Keeper is a stunning red that would look great on all skin tones and BBG is a brown-ish nude for days you want to be low-key. Now that I think of it, Keeper is to BBG what your introverted B.F.F is to you. Or vice-versa. 


Oh Honey, How This One Thrills Me 

Honeypie is the best if you love to mix and match. The lip kit features a choco-coloured ‘Cookie Dough’ and a mauve-pink ‘Macaron’. There’s a reason why people swear by mixing lipsticks together, you always end up with a shade that’s uniquely you. Even if mix and match is not your thing, the kit is equipped with a shade of pink and a versatile brown that deserves a spot on your top shelf. Your look is never overstated. But it’s always bold enough to demand (your boo’s) attention. 

I Promise This One’s Your Better Half 

If the winter-girl aesthetic is your go-to look, the Galentine lip kit is a match made in heaven for you. The kit features a hot pink shade in ‘Better Half’ and a coral pink shade in ‘Work Wife’. And the best part? You can share them with your gals on your Galentine’s dinner date! 

But Wait…There’s More

It’s not just their aesthetic that I’ve fallen in love with. Here’s why it was love at first sight for me. 

  1. Feel Good: These lippies are infused with lip-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, shea butter, & jojoba oil. They don’t just make you look good. They make you feel good. 
  2. Double Trouble: The kit is extremely affordable for two high-quality lippies.
  3. Fantasy Formula: They deliver colour to the lips in one single swipe.

I know I’m adding all of these to my V-Day wishlist. Because it’s true. You can never have too many lipsticks. 


Featured Image: POPxo

26 Jan 2023

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