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Atma-Nirbhar, Sankalp & Vaishvikaran: A Quick Hindi Lesson To Understand PM Modi’s Speech

Atma-Nirbhar, Sankalp & Vaishvikaran: A Quick Hindi Lesson To Understand PM Modi’s Speech

PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a Rs 20 lakh crore relief package to revive the country from the coronavirus crisis while giving us a heads up about Lockdown 4.0. And given the current state of the pandemic in India, while the fourth phase of lockdown stands inevitable, the PM did establish that this one will come with a different set of rules and relaxations to ensure that the country manages to function despite practicing social distancing. 

Lockdown 4.0 will be completely different and will have new rules I am confident that we will while fighting the virus by following the rules, move forward,” said the PM while addressing the nation. During the speech, the PM also insisted on the need for relying on local produce for the country to become self-reliant during the crisis as a means of boosting our own economy instead of opting for exported products.

And while we are all for PM Modi’s dictum of ‘vocal for local,’ we did have our share of struggles in grasping his flawless Hindi in last night’s speech. Every bit impressive, as the PM’s Hindi is, the desi Twitterati too seemed perplexed with some of the words that were used in the speech. Needless to say, a meme fest ensued and here are some of the tweets: 

A Quick Roundup Of The Speech

This Hits The Spot

True Story!

Our Hearts Go Out To The South Indian Fam

We Feel You Brahh

And Of course The Word Of The Speech

The PM spoke about “bold reforms”, people-centered globalisation and how India can emerge victorious in the trying times. We thought of helping you with a quick Hindi lesson for you to grasp the essence of his speech. Much needed, right? Here are a few complicated words from last night’s speech, translated and explained for your convenience:

Sankalp = Resolution

PM: “Aaj jab duniya sankat mein hai, tab humein hamara sankalp aur mazboot karna hoga.”

What it means: As an unprecedented pandemic looks us right into the face, the need of the hour is to level up your resolution to persevere through it all, take control of our lives and economy, and practice social-distancing while we are at it.

Aatma-Nirbhar = Self-Reliant

PM: “Aatma-nirbhar bharat ki yeh bhavya imarat paanch pillars par khadi hai.”

What it means: The need of the hour is a self-reliant India that doesn’t need other nations, economies or exported goods to function. PM’s appeal to become #VocalForLocal was channelised towards the same aim. He said the making of a self-reliant India is centered on five pillars including economy, infrastructure, technology, democracy, and system.  

Maanav Kendrit Vaishvikaran = People-Centered

PM: “Arth-kendrit vaishvikaran banaam maanav kendrit vaishvikaran ki charcha zoron par hai.” 

What it means: All this while we have been absolutely relying on a profit-centered gloablisation that had money and power as its end goals. However, the current crisis has taught us an important lesson i.e. the approach needs to be changed from a profit-centered approach to a people-centered one. 

Sankalp Shakti = Willpower

PM: “Bharat ki sankalp shakti aesi hai ki bharat aatma nirbhar ban sakta hai.”

What it means: With no cure in view as of now, the need of the hour is to learn with the coronavirus and for that, we’d have to strengthen our will power. While it is a crisis, this also is an opportunity to experience the power of human fortitude and come out stronger and better. This will pave the way to a self-reliant nation. 

Here’s hoping that we were able to help you grasp the essence of PM Modi’s speech and why it is so important to go #VocalForLocal.”

Featured Image: Twitter

13 May 2020

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