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Stuck At Home? 8 Fun Ways To Stay Entertained At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Stuck At Home? 8 Fun Ways To Stay Entertained At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

All the talk on the news, at homes, and in public spaces seem to be revolving around the coronavirus pandemic. Globally the death toll has now crossed over 5,000 people with about 145,000 infections logged. In India, there have been 82 confirmed cases out of which two people have lost their lives because of COVID-19

Schools and universities along with cinema halls have been shut in Delhi and other parts of the country and many offices have given their employees the option to work from home. In this situation, you should limit outdoor activity until absolutely necessary and stay indoors and practise social distancing.

Here are some ways to keep yourself entertained sitting at home:

From reading and picking up indoor hobbies to cooking and keeping your immunity high, these are a few things that will keep you from getting bored.

Pick up that book that’s been on your list since 2018


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there when we mean to read and even pick up a few books but in the daily hustle-bustle of working and trying to keep pace, we completely forget. Now is the time that you can stay in bed and finish the book you’ve wanted to read. 

Get those endorphins rolling in

An at-home workout is a great place to start when you’re alone for long period of time. Bring out your yoga mat, put on a video that you can follow and exercise. Going to the gym might not be the best decision at the moment since you can never be sure of the amount of sanitation they’re maintaining, but to get your body moving an at-home Zumba sesh is always a great idea. 

Colour the town colourful

Adult colouring books help if you’re feeling anxious or scared during this pandemic. You can draw or do some origami to get those creative juices flowing. You can even sketch and paint if that’s something you prefer.

Cook a fancy meal for yourself


With all this time on your hands, you can cook your favourite meal from scratch weather that’s an Indian dish or having something exotic, this one with help you feel nutritious as well as make you feel productive.

Have a pamper sesh at home

This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in yourself and have some me-time. Put on a sheet mask, use a jade roller to get your blood circulating, file and cut your nails and put on your fav nail paint. So what if you can’t go out to the salon, you can have a mani-pedi session at home itself.

Treat yourself to some incredible orgasms

Since human contact should be minimised as much as possible your boyfriend probably can’t come over right now, but who is to say that you still can’t have fun? Masturbate and enjoy yourself fully so that you can be completely chilled out and at ease with yourself. Just remember to maintain your hygiene and wash your hands properly with soap before and after, which you should be doing anyway.

Disinfect highly used surfaces every day

Okay, this one isn’t as exciting as the others but it needs to be done. Buy alcohol swabs from your chemist and disinfect all surfaces that are used frequently including your phone and laptop. Even your floors and beds need to be disinfected from time to time. Make this a daily chore.

Pick up a super tough puzzle


Trying to piece together a puzzle will get those brain muscles working and keep you engaged. You can also do this with your kids if they’re home due to schools being shut. Family bonding time, yes, yes, yes!

Guys, we’re sure that you’ve read enough posts about it already but maintaining personal hygiene is key in curtailing this virus. Wash your hands with soap at regular intervals for twenty seconds, use an alcohol-based sanitiser to keep your hands clean, try social distancing, put a hold on all travel plans until absolutely necessary, use the bend of your elbow in case you want to sneeze or cough and wear a mask so as to not infect others. Let’s be responsible citizens and let’s be safe!

PS: Wash your hands!

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14 Mar 2020

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