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Working From Home During The Pandemic? 7 Tips That Can Help You Stay Productive

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Mar 16, 2020
Working From Home During The Pandemic? 7 Tips That Can Help You Stay Productive


Remember when your parents incessantly told you to “go out and do some work”? Well, it’s time to flout that advice as the country prepares to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Institutions all over the world are shutting down while companies are relocating to employee’s own homes. Speaking of which, the office going peeps face a new challenge now: how to stay productive while working from home? 

Take it from us–challenging as it might seem, work from homes can actually end up being a cakewalk if you are organised through the process and follow some tips that can take your drab work from home to fab work from home. All set for the WFH? Here’s how you can ensure maximum output as we all fight the pandemic:



It’s imperative to have clean, organised surroundings for an environment that’s conducive of work. While it might seem insignificant, that cluttered chair and messy bathroom are just going to add to your load and bring you down as you keep trying to focus on work. A cleaner home, on the other hand, will facilitate your work by being pleasant. You can perhaps add a scented candle for some extra feels.



There is a reason why your office environment entails more productivity than your home–it is organised to catalyse your efficiency. Thus, in order to function more efficiently when you are working from home, you need to reorganise part of your home where you intend to work during these days. Here are three easy tips on how to get it right:

  • Instead of changing places, stick to just one area throughout your work from home duration irrespective of whether it lasts a week or a month. In a couple of days, this will condition you to think of work every time you sit in the spot and thus add to your efficiency by the day. 
  • Opt for lighting that’s closer to that at your workspace. For instance, some of us happen to have window seats at work that expose us to ample natural light throughout the day while others sit in bright lights. Choose a space in your home that resonates with your office lighting so as to channelise the same energy.
  • Tweak the space by adding details that remind you of the workspace. For instance, you can add a planner to your work table that can help you stay organised.

Set Boundaries


Now that you are always at home, chances are it might lead to a low-key holiday-like atmosphere. Well, that ain’t so bad until you have a pressing deadline and everything begins to go haywire. This is where the need to define clear boundaries arises. Here’s how to get it right:

  • Make your office hours absolutely exclusive and request your family to behave accordingly. 
  • Setting boundaries also means setting boundaries for yourself. Just because you are at home and there is no one to supervise you, doesn’t mean you can go for a ‘quick’ stroll downstairs. Firstly, it’s not advisable healthwise. Secondly, it will waste your work hours and consequently impact the quality of your output.
  • Again, setting boundaries also means setting them for your employer/manager. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you are available for work 24*7. If you begin to feel like you are being burdened with extra work and are constantly over-worked, then you need to raise it to your supervisor.

Communication Is Key


Here’s the fundamental of working from home: communication. The more flawless your communication, the less worked up you’ll get. Especially when you are working on a team project. Thus, make sure to be constantly available on your phone/office communication channel during office hours and keep your team informed in case you are logging out even for a small duration.



Contrary to popular belief, working from home tends to be more stressful than working from your office because you need to manage, communicate and coordinate with your team simultaneously as you work. Even a week is a long window to work from home. To remain upbeat and energetic during this time, you can look for ways to de-stress and meditation happens to be one of the most effective ones. Starting your day with a meditation won’t only keep you stress-free throughout the day but would also keep you immune to all the Coronavirus anxiety that is pulling so many of us down these days.

Workout Breaks

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Just like we tend to take a five-minute stroll or tea/coffee break in our office, taking small workout breaks while you are working from home can do wonders for your output. Whenever you feel like you are beginning to lag, just take a quick ten minutes break, do some power-packed workout moves, and return to your work desk all energised! This practice will also ensure that you stay fit during the work from the home period too!

Dress Right!


What sense does it make to dress rup when you are working from the comfort of your home? Well, trust me it makes all the difference. Wearing your regular home clothes or, even worse, that worn-out night suit hinders the work mode from setting in. Think of clothing options that are comfortable but uplifting. Even if you decide to stay in your PJs, opt for bright, fun colours. And go for clothes that keep you sufficiently covered so you don’t feel the need to cover yourself in that cosy blanket because, well, we all know how it ends. A light sweatshirt will work perfectly in the transitioning weather.

Ready to work from home like a boss? 

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