While The World Battles COVID-19, Bollywood Rushes To Register 'Corona' Titles

While The World Battles COVID-19, Bollywood Rushes To Register 'Corona' Titles

Say what you may about it but Indians seem to have a penchant for getting their priorities nicely mixed up. And before you contemplate contesting it, the ghastly coronavirus audio that plays before you call someone should serve as a strong argument in our favour. I mean, that’s some lesson in putting first things first, right? 

In yet another example, of our twisted ways with priorities and comprehension of pressing situations, Bollywood seems to be competing for “corona” based film titles now! And as per a recent report by The Quint, Eros International has already laid its hands on Corona Pyaar Hai. Reminds anyone of a certain Hrithik Roshan-Amisha Patel film?

Interestingly, producer Krishika Lulla has even confirmed the news by saying, “Currently the scripting is going on. The subject (of the epidemic) is going to be set in a love story. Currently, we are fine-tuning the script and are waiting for things to subside, as things have come to a standstill now. Once everything is normal, we will start the project in full swing.”

As per a statement by IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association), Deadly Corona also happens to be one of many titles that they have been approached for. At this point, I am honestly not even surprised. We are good to assume that pandemic anxiety has just made us lose our collective minds. Also, we would, of course, be needing ways of forgetting the apocalyptic times when and if COVID-19 ever becomes a thing of the past. Doesn't sound that opportunistic when you think about it this way, right? All is well Bollywood, all is well!

Featured Image: Instagram

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