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7 Ways To Make Your Budget Buys Look More Expensive!

7 Ways To Make Your Budget Buys Look More Expensive!

All the good things in the world – money can never buy. Sure, it can buy you an expensive phone or that fancy designer handbag, but it can never buy you style. Style is something you possess, and it speaks in a language that is always above fashion trends. You don’t always have to be fashion forward and buy clothes from expensive retailers to look stylish and trendy. You can look like a trendsetter without spending a bomb. Here are 7 ways to make your budget buys look more expensive!

1. Get tailored

Nothing says well dressed and suave better than a well fitted outfit. We know that our budget and thrifted buys do not always come in our sizes, and more often than not, we buy them without even trying them on. Be best friends with your tailor and get the clothes altered to fit you perfectly.

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2. Say goodbye to wrinkles

2 make budget buys look expensive


The crisper and neater your clothes are, the more expensive they look. Always iron your clothes before you wear them, especially cotton garments that wrinkle easily. Wrinkled clothes not only look untidy but they also reduce the overall appeal of a garment (even if it is expensive).

3. Avoid big logos

The French label Vetements tried, very hard, to bring logos back to the fashion front, but it did not really work out for anyone, did it? Avoid clothes with super flashy logos. Big logos can make your clothes look tacky and you don’t really need to let your outfit say what brand you’re wearing. Always stick to simple, plain garments with minimal prints to make your outfit sophisticated and smart.

4. Team it with expensive looking items

4 make budget buys look expensive

Have a top that you picked up from the local market for 200 bucks? We all do. Team it with items that look expensive, like a tan handbag or even a pair of well fitted black trousers. Mix and match always works when you need to dress up to make your budget buys look expensive. Wear pretty accessories and work it!


5. Groom yourself well

Need we even say how it works? Get your hair done right and always groom yourself well, no matter what look you’re going for. Even if you want to channel the sexy, undone look, you still have to put in some time to achieve that look. If you know your hair and your face looks on point, you’ll feel good too…which translates to a gorgeous you.

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6. Keep it simple

6 make budget buys look expensive

Avoid budget buys with a lot of embellishments and sequins because, chances are, they do not have the perfect finish and this might lead to extra threads sticking out or a button or two missing. Always keep your look simple and minimalistic. A classy white shirt says a lot more than a trendy colourful shiny top.


7. Wear statement accessory

Accessories can really take your style game to the next level. Wear statement accessories that will be the star of your outfit and make you shine. Team them up with your budget buys and make the most of them!

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02 Jun 2016

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