Hang In There: 5 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up During The Second Wave Of COVID-19

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  May 5, 2021
Hang In There: 5 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up During The Second Wave Of COVID-19


The second wave of the COVID-19 crisis is ravaging India right now. With social media filled with horrifying statistics and desperate pleas for help, it is impossible to not feel low right now. But we must try as hard as we can to remind ourselves that this too shall pass. It may be what we are presently dealing with, but it is not forever. All we need to do is to get through this, together.

This is not a period for us to thrive, but we can try our best to keep our spirits up. Trying to find little moments of joy during these gloomy days will gently push us to keep going. Here’s what you can try to find some simple moments of happiness:

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Go Easy On Yourself

The first and most important thing you need to do is to go easy on yourself. We are going through collective trauma, so don’t hold yourself to deliver pre-pandemic levels of productivity. Once you take the pressure off yourself, you will feel lighter

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Remember how you would constantly complain about not having enough time with the people you love? Well, now that you have the opportunity to spend more time with them, take advantage of it! Talk to them between breaks from work or eat all your meals together. If you are not physically present next to your loved ones, make sure you catch up over the phone or on video calls every day.

Move Your Body

If you have the energy and space to do a proper workout, go for it! But if you don’t, even short walks inside your house or on your balcony can help. You could also put on some music and dance to your favourite songs, or wake up and do a stretching routine every day. Do whatever makes your body feel good!

Set Time Aside To Do Something Fun

Making time for fun activities is very important right now. So even if you have only 15 minutes to spare, use them well and do something fun! This can mean playing online Ludo with friends, dancing to your favourite songs, sketching or painting, playing board games with the family or just catching an episode of your favourite TV show. 

Practice Gratitude

If you have a roof over your head and are able to work comfortably from your home, you are one of the lucky few people in our country. There has never been a more appropriate time to take a few minutes out of your day to be thankful that you are safe, supported and loved. Make it a habit by writing down five things you are grateful for every day in a journal—either before you start your day or when you end it. It will give you a lot of perspective.

Remember to take things one day at a time, and before you know it, we’ll be on the other side of this pandemic!

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