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What Is A ‘Blended Orgasm’ And 3 Ways You Can Get One!

What Is A ‘Blended Orgasm’ And 3 Ways You Can Get One!

Aah orgasms! The unicorn of sexual world – a magical, beautiful thing we just cannot get enough of! What if I told you there is a way to take your orgasms to the next level? Excited? Well we are too!

You know how the say that the sum of two parts is much greater than the two parts? Well, that’s what blended orgasm is all about – experiencing clitoral and vaginal orgasm simultaneously. Apparently, these twin orgasms can last anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes, which may end in a ‘giant’ orgasm.

1 blended orgasm

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So how do you get one?

Let’s get this straight. All good things come with a little practice. So you (and your partner) need to know your body extremely well to experience one of these. Sometimes getting a single orgasm is a little difficult (insert eyeroll) so you know two orgasms might need a little work.

You need to be extremely turned on to experience the big BO! So start off with foreplay – lots of kissing, touching, licking and massaging. Also, you need to know exactly where your G-Spot is located, so finding that out before you try to get a giant one will definitely make it easier.  

2 blended orgasm

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Are there positions that help?

Most definitely yes! Positions which give you and your man easy access to your nether regions are, for obvious reasons, your best bet! Here are two sex positions that almost guarantee blended orgasms given you know what you are doing.

  1. Missionary

This one is a crowd favourite for many reasons. It’s also the best for getting yourself a giant orgasm. In the missionary position, have him stimulate your clitoris and then move to more faster motions. Alternating between the two seems to be the trick. And either of you can work on the C-Spot making his life a little easier!

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

Sit on him facing away from him. He has clear access to your clitoris and you can control the speed, depth and pressure. This position makes G-Spot orgasms easier to achieve. Remember, it’s all about the depth.

  1. Doggy Style

Another favourite on the list. The process for it is the same. C-Spot then G-Spot and so on. But the best part? He’s going to be doing all the work and all you need to do is enjoy!


3 blended orgasm

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Can you get one yourself?

Obviously you can. Even though you’ll have to concentrate a little more than usual, it is totally achievable. Plus, sex toys can totally increase your chances and reduce the effort! Lie down on your back and stroke your clitoris. Once you feel it building, stop and move to your G-Spot (with your finger or a vibrator). As you feel your G-Spot orgasm build, use your other hand to stimulate your clitoris again. Slowly, it’ll build to a powerful, all consuming orgasm. And if it doesn’t happen in the first try, practice till you perfect the art.

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What’s in it for him?

Your pleasure and seeing you climax, obviously! If that isn’t enough for him, we don’t know what to say!

Excuse me while I get myself a giant one because I can’t concentrate on writing anymore. Bye bye then!

4 blended orgasm

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04 Oct 2017

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