10 *Flirty* Ways To Impress Your Crush On WhatsApp!!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Mar 14, 2017
10 *Flirty* Ways To Impress Your Crush On WhatsApp!!


For us, millennials, texting has become synonymous to messaging someone on WhatsApp. Especially when it comes to a crush, it helps us sneakily be in the loop – if he has read the message, if he has come online but hasn’t bothered to acknowledge the text, our heart is in our mouth every time the window says ‘typing…’. But the anticipation doesn’t need to be that arduous and you can take charge and find ways to impress your crush too. Here’s how to flirt with your crush on Whatsapp!

1. Start With His Display Picture

Sometimes, something as simple and nonchalant as ‘Hey, you look cute in that pic’ helps him realize that you are aware and observant of him.

1 flirt with your crush on whatsapp

2. Take Hints From His WhatsApp Status

If you recognize it as the lines of a song you know, or a book/ film you have loved, that in itself is a conversation starter. It also helps him realize that you guys have things in common!

3. Use Emojis To Your Benefit

Emoticons are a fun and fabulous way to communicate without coming across too strongly to the other person. Be creative with the plethora of options and fire away!

4. Selfie Time

If you are having a great hair day, your eyeliner is on point and you are in a good mood overall, leverage that by clicking a flattering selfie and sending it to him. Is there anything more awesome than starting a conversation with compliments on how great you look?

4 flirt with your crush on whatsapp

5. Say It Like It Is

Give your profile an alluring vibe. Make your statuses slightly suggestive and open to interpretation. Also change your profile picture often – maybe think about putting one where he is also in the frame? *Wink*

6. Miss Funnybones

There is nothing more adorable than a girl who is as funny as she is charming. So, if you have a great joke or meme up your sleeve, share it with him. Your crush is bound to be impressed with that!

7. Quit The Small Talk

If you are trying to woo someone, just checking up on him from time to time with a ‘what’s up?’ is not enough. Forward him the broadcast you received about a cool event and ask him if he was planning on going for it! Make tangible plans with him.

7 flirt with your crush on whatsapp

8. Use GPS To Your Advantage

If you are at a party, missing him, just share your location with a flirty message like, ‘Come find me’. That’s sure to get his attention!

9. Send Him Voice Notes

Sometimes messages can’t really articulate what you are trying to say. Send him a flirty voice note, or one of the song you’re listening to and urge him to respond with one!

10. Better Still, Video Chat!

Ask him he’d be interested… If he is, set up a date and time because that way you can ease your fingers, and talk and interact with each other for hours on end.

10 flirt with your crush on whatsapp

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