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Include these healthy foods in your diet TODAY

Include these healthy foods in your diet TODAY

While exercising is important, another vital part of staying healthy is the right food. With so much to offer in supermarkets today, we are really spoilt for choice. Here are a few tips on eating healthy foods and making way towards a healthy lifestyle.


Everything that you do in your 20s sets the foundation for the rest of your life. It holds true for your food and exercise habits as well. Your metabolism starts to slow after 25 so it’s best to start early to be on track in your 30s. Here are 9 fairly simple ways to eat healthy.

1. Be More Mindful Of What Goes In Your Body

Calories don’t matter as much as where those calories are coming from. While junk food is delicious, it should also be indulged in rarely. You should always have a balanced meal, more proteins than carbs or fat is the way to go. Proteins are more beneficial – they help increase strength, build muscle mass (making you leaner) and boost metabolism.

2. Do Not Skip Meals

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It is a myth that skipping meals is beneficial, especially breakfast. It’s not. You need to stop doing that now. It lowers your energy level, lowers your immunity and definitely slows down your metabolism. For a healthier body and mind, eat at regular intervals. If you’re trying to lose weight, the trick is to eat smaller portions but every two hours so that your body is continuously working to digest that food, increasing your metabolism.

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3. More Fruits And Veggies

It is extremely important to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You’ll get all the necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals,added benefits like anti-oxidants, dietary fibers and your daily dose of required sugar. And binge snacking on fruits is much healthier than binge snacking on fries, no?

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4. Cook For Yourself

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Preparing your own meals is an amazing step towards a healthy lifestyle. By cooking your own food, you’ll be more mindful of what goes into your food and eventually into your body. You’ll also save a ton of money from not ordering all that junk. Eventually, healthy foods will make you feel more energised and this exercise will help you regulate your weight as well.

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5. Less Sugar, More Sugar Mama

Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to obesity and diabetes, both of which lead to heart diseases. Sugar is ‘empty calories’ since it has none of the important nutrients required by the body. It’s also one of the most addictive things out there. So cut back on processed sugar and to beat the cravings, add natural sugars like honey or fruits to your diet.

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6. Portion Control

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Nobody is asking you to cut out all that deliciousness from your diet. Instead, we’re advocating portion control. It’s okay to eat large portions of healthy foods but cut back the portions of unhealthy foods like desserts, alcohol and processed foods. For instance, if you’re having a salad, limit the high-calorie dressing to a couple of tablespoons only.

7. Balance It Out

Balance out your Friday/Saturday night partying with a Sunday detox. While we do not advocate any of the extreme diets out there, juice cleanses are a good idea for healthy foods. It gives your body a well needed break and you’ll end up feeling refreshed, not forgetting the difference it makes in terms of a healthy lifestyle. Another thing you could possibly do is switch out a full meal once in awhile and replace it with a salad or soup.

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8. Drink More Water

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The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Water is the building block of our bodies considering 70% of our body is made of it. Drinking the required amount of water improves digestion, relieves fatigue, aids in weight loss and flushes out toxins amongst other benefits. It even prevents hangovers if you supplement your alcohol with a few glasses of water. Win-win, right?

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9. Exercise

While this has nothing to do with eating, it has everything to do with a healthier body and mind. Leading an active life  will have a positive effect on more than just your body. You’ll be in a healthier state of mind too. Make it a habit to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. Your older self will thank you for it.

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