10 Ways To Deal With Your Guy’s Sexual ‘Request’

Sneha ManandharSneha Manandhar  |  Nov 3, 2016
10 Ways To Deal With Your Guy’s Sexual ‘Request’


Sex is a major part of any relationship. Even if you aren’t doing it, there is always the expectation or hope of it happening some time in the future. And if you are – well, then there are many other kinds of hopes involved. Here are some sex situations you might find yourself in with your guy either way… And how you should deal when he makes that sexual request!

1. If you aren’t ready to try some things…

For instance, a blowjob. There are many women who actually enjoy going down on their guys, but on the other hand there’s an equal population of females who absolutely hate it. If you don’t want to perform oral sex, it is important to let your partner know. No one should be allowed to force you!

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2. If you are too scared to try new things but want to…

It’s completely okay to be nervous about trying out some new things. You need to relax and tell your boyfriend to take it slow. If you feel it will help if he told you it’s completely okay, then tell him to convince you that it’s going to be great. Only once you feel ready to give it a shot, should you try it.

3. If you are simply confused…

Most times when a woman is confused about doing something in bed, it’s mostly because she has a bad feeling about it in her gut. This is when you should ideally take time and think about it again. Tell your guy that you need more time to think about it and/ or prepare yourself and back out.

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4. If you’re sure you don’t want to…

It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want to do something, you simply don’t want it. Say no and mean no. Even if it pisses your man off – that’s totally okay! Stand your ground and don’t give in.

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5. If you feel like you’re getting swayed by peer pressure…

And maybe he is too for that matter. Ask yourselves if this is what both of you want and not only because other people are doing it. You have to be very honest with each other and especially to yourselves. Peer pressure is real, don’t buckle down to it.

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6. If he wants to try really ‘bold’ stuff…

Are you really ready for this? If no, then talk it out with him. What are these things that he wants to try? Could they be harmful in any way? If yes, does it really make sense to go ahead with it? Ask him if he’s thought it through too. If no, then why not save it for a later time when both of you are more experienced?

7. If you don’t want to try something because of his hygiene habits…

Yes, personal hygiene is the most important step to having good sex. It’s a touchy subject to broach, of course, but it has to be done. Why not hop in the shower with him and joke about how he missed a spot. Casually bring up things that have turned you off at an earlier point of time. Or ask him what he thinks you should do better in terms of hygiene and then you can suggest some tips to him as well!

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8. If you need to stop trying something because it hurts…

Every guy is quite understanding when it comes to pain and what you are able to handle. So, just say it out loud, without worrying how he might feel about it. Find ways to make both of you happy without having to put yourself through any difficulties. If he knows you suffer and doesn’t do anything about it, please re-think who you are with. No one should have to go through pain for someone’s pleasure.

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9. If you think his request is just plain weird…

In today’s time, everyone’s sexual fantasies and kinks are different. There are just too many things out there. And it can happen that two people who are together don’t share all of the same…desires in bed. Don’t call him out on it though – you don’t want to make him feel weird for sharing something with you. Just politely tell him that it’s not something you feel like you’ll enjoy and maybe you can try something both of you share an interest in instead.

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10. If he says he will leave you if you don’t have sex with him…

Or he could say it in a million other ways that don’t sound as blunt as this done. The meaning is still the same though. There is only one way to deal with this – let him go. Right now. He doesn’t deserve you, never will.

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