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10 Ways To Make Your Period A Bit More Comfortable!

10 Ways To Make Your Period A Bit More Comfortable!

No matter for how many years we have been having our periods – the cramps and mood swings hit us every month with an unfamiliar gusto. We are never quite prepared for it, and trying to carry on as though our insides are not exploding, feels plain impossible. But there are definitive ways to make our ‘that time of the month’ more comfortable. Here’s how…

1.  Hot Bath

The warm water works wonders in relieving you from period pain. It also makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated at the end of a long, tiring day.

1 be comfortable during your period

2. Keep a pill handy

One way to make your periods more comfortable is to have your preferred choice of pain medication just before it is about to start. In the two-three hours following that, you will feel much better.


3. Have your sanitary stash ready

Cause, better safe than sorry? If you are tracking your last month’s date, you should be armed with steady supplies of sanitary pads for whenever and wherever your period chooses to arrive.

4. Choose your pads wisely

The kind of pad you choose to opt for also affects your overall comfort level. We recommend the recently launched New Whisper Ultra Soft. It comes with cottony soft top sheet and wings, which is very gentle on your skin, however sensitive it might be, helping you go about your day with superior comfort and confidence!

4 be comfortable during your periodgif

5. Let go of the salt

Fries, bacon, instant soup and noodles – all these supposed comfort foods are loaded with salt which makes you feel bloated during your periods. Instead, go for food that is high on iron – pulses, green vegetables which will boost your energy levels and prevent you from becoming anaemic.


6. And the alcohol..  

You might get your periods just before the weekends and go ahead with your night out plans – but try to not have alcohol during this time as it will only trigger PMS, and make you prone to feeling depressed and dehydrated.

7. Don’t pretend it’s not gonna hit you

Every month, as soon as our periods are over, we heave a huge sigh of relief, deluded by the assumption that we are finally done and dusted. But we know, that’s not the case. So girls, download a period tracking app, or mark in the calendar and be up in arms, prepared for your periods before its next visit!

7 be comfortable during your period

8. Easy attire

You are probably not in the mind space to put much thought into what you should be wearing during these arduous days of the month – so don’t! Wear loose, comfortable fabrics like cotton which won’t stick to your body and let it breathe.


9. Werk it out  

We know it is a struggle for you to even get out of your bed during this time of the month but light exercises trigger the brain to release endorphins, which considerably helps in reducing the cramps. And yes, sex does wonders too!

10 be comfortable during your period

10.  Do what you damn well please

Online shopping, an upgrade to your Netflix subscription, watch reruns of Sex and the City… for all that pain and hassle, you deserve to treat yourself, girl!

*This post is in partnership with Whisper Ultra Soft. The New Whisper Ultra Soft provides superior comfort a girl deserves during those five days.


Radhika Apte reveals what makes her comfortable during her period:


28 Mar 2017

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