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How To Safely Include Vitamin C In Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

How To Safely Include Vitamin C In Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Vitamin C is the most in-demand ingredient in skin care today. It is touted as one of the most powerful antioxidants with undeniable anti-ageing and brightening effects. In fact, vitamin C helps neutralise free radicals and aids in the skin’s natural regeneration process, thereby helping the body repair damaged skin cells. 

Moreover, the free-radical fighting power isn’t where the benefits of vitamin C for skin end. It’s strong antioxidant properties help treat many skin concerns that arise during pregnancy. From rough texture to uneven skin tone, acne scars, and dullness, vitamin C can help treat almost all pregnancy skin concerns and give you a naturally clear and glowing complexion. The topical application of vitamin C skin care products also keeps the skin protected against external aggressors like the sun’s harsh UV rays and exposure to air pollution. 

Having a dedicated vitamin C skin care routine during pregnancy can, in fact, offer you many skin-saving benefits. It has plenty of skin-healing properties that make it worthy of a permanent place in your pregnancy skincare regimen. For one, the highly acidic nature of vitamin C helps accelerate the production of collagen and elastin and aids in wound healing. Moreover, both collagen and elastin are naturally-occurring protein fibres that help keep the skin firm and plump. So increased production through topical application of vitamin C can help prevent premature ageing of the skin.

Another cool thing about this ingredient is that it contains a property that helps inhibit melanin production in your skin, which is what causes skin discolouration like hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Also, its skin brightening properties work to fade brown spots without altering the normal skin pigmentation. Therefore, continued use of vitamin C during pregnancy can help prevent the formation of dark spots and pigmentation.

Different Ways To Include Vitamin C In Your Skin Care Routine

vitamin C skin care
You can use vitamin C in the form of a cleanser, toner, serum, and even as a moisturiser

Having a vitamin C skin care routine will transform your skin for the better. You can use this versatile ingredient in many forms to treat your specific skin concerns. Additionally, vitamin C can be used both in your skin care as well as your body care routine. 

As a Cleanser

A cleanser is an essential part of a skincare routine as it helps gently exfoliate the skin and buffs away impurities, oil, and makeup traces. Using a vitamin-c infused face wash can give you clear skin that makes it easier to layer other skincare products. Also, vitamin C skin care products are enriched in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent UV and pollution-infused skin damage, improve hydration, and soothe irritated skin.

As a Toner

Yes, you do need toner in your pregnancy skincare routine. A face toner provides multiple skin benefits and can enhance your overall skin health. In fact, using a vitamin C face toner can help control oil in your skin, reduce the appearance of large pores, and remove any residual dirt or makeup left on your skin after cleansing. Facial toners especially work wonders for oily skin as it helps eliminate excess shine from the skin.

As a Brightening Face Cream

Daily exposure to the harsh UV rays, pollution, and dirt makes the skin dull and dehydrated. Long-term sun exposure also causes skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, melasma, and dark spots. Also, due to fluctuating hormones, your skin exhibits increased sensitivity towards the sun, resulting in acne and rashes. A vitamin C brightening face cream can help get rid of these concerns by aiding the production of collagen and elastin that repair damaged skin cells. Also, continued use of the cream can further prevent the formation of any dark spots on your face.

As a Serum

Vitamin C is the most potent in serum form. This is because serums are made with active ingredients and contain molecular vitamin C that penetrates deep into the skin barrier to bring out a naturally radiant and healthy glow. Moreover, it also boosts skin hydration and gives you even-toned, and smooth skin.

As an Oil-free Moisturiser

Like other skin types, oily skin needs moisturisation too. You can choose a vitamin C skin care product that has oil-balancing properties and helps hydrate and nourish the skin at the same time. Using an oil-free moisturiser will help prevent free radical damage and give you clearer, and radiant skin.

What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Skin

vitamin C skin care products
Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that offers many skin benefits and also helps enhance skin glow

As described above, vitamin C is one of those rare ingredients that leaves no stone unturned in dealing with skin issues like rough texture, dull skin, and pigmentation. Apart from that, vitamin C in skin care can help improve your skin’s resistance to UV rays, thus preventing the risk of sunburns and sun spots. It can also reduce photoageing and oxidative-induced damage that lead to the thinning of the epidermal layer and loss of collagen and elastin.

Additionally, vitamin C can help give your skin a luminous glow and lighten acne scars and blemishes to give you that clear, and natural glow. Its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

Vitamin C Skincare Products

Creating a well-devised vitamin C skin care routine is pretty easy as there is a range of effective vitamin C-infused skincare products that you can choose from. If you are looking for vitamin C products that are mild, dermatologically tested, and designed with plant-based ingredients, we have got some great options for you.

The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Wash

The perfect start to your skincare routine, this face wash contains a powerhouse of ingredients like orange peels, vitamin C, willow herb, and pro-vitamin B5. While the orange peels gently exfoliate and remove excess impurities from your skin, vitamin C and willow herb help prevent sun and pollution-induced damage, soothe the skin, and reduce acne-causing bacteria. You can use it both in your AM and PM skincare routine to get hydrated and clear skin. 

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The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Daily Face Toner

Designed with all-natural ingredients like vitamin C, aloe vera, green tea, witch hazel, 5 plant AHAs, and niacinamide, this facial toner soothes and hydrates your skin, and balances pH levels, reduces the appearance of large skin pores, and eliminates excess shine. The toner has an alcohol-free formula and is suitable for all skin types.

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The Moms Co. Natural Brightening Vitamin C Face Cream

If you are tackling dull spots and hyperpigmentation, this product is perfect for you. It contains antioxidants like vitamin C, ferulic acid, squalane, and willow herb that help strengthen your skin barrier, stimulate collagen production, and aid in new skin cell regeneration. It also protects from sun exposure, lightens and reduces dark spots, and soothes irritated skin. Continued use of this cream can give you a clearer and radiant complexion. 

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The Moms Co. Natural 10% Vitamin C Serum

A serum is one of the most effective ways to ensure your skin reaps all the benefits of vitamin C. This serum is made with ethyl ascorbic acid that has 86% vitamin C content, which penetrates deep into the skin barrier and targets specific skin issues like dullness, hyperpigmentation, and acne. Using this natural vitamin C face serum can help repair your damaged skin cells, boost hydration, even out skin texture, and bring out a radiant and healthy glow. 

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The Moms Co. Vitamin C Oil-free Moisturiser

This oil-free moisturiser works wonders for those with oily skin type. It contains potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane, vitamin C, aloe vera, niacinamide, and green tea. vitamin C helps fight free radical damage and promotes better skin health, hyaluronic acid, and squalane improve skin hydration and elasticity, and aloe vera, niacinamide, and green tea help soothe the skin, balance oil production, and reduce acne. 

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Vitamin C Skin Care Products

vitamin C skin care
Vitamin C should be layered correctly in your skincare routine and shouldn’t be mixed with other acids like retinol

Do’s Of Using Vitamin C Skin Care Products

  • Do apply vitamin C skin care products regularly for best results.
  • Do take a patch test on a small section of your skin before incorporating vitamin C into your skin care routine.
  • Do start with the least concentration of vitamin C and then work your way up. This will help minimise any kind of irritation.
  • Do ensure to use vitamin C within the recommended time frame as it otherwise loses its efficacy to perform effectively.
  • Do apply your vitamin C skincare products from the lightest to the heaviest consistency. 

Don’ts Of Using Vitamin C Skin Care Products

  • Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen as a lot of products can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.
  • Don’t forget to store the vitamin C products in a cool, and dark place.
  • Don’t mix vitamin C with other treatment ingredients like retinol.

#WhyCompromise when you can give all the TLC to your skin with this one skincare ingredient? There’s no doubt that vitamin C is a miracle skincare ingredient that helps address several pregnancy skin concerns like dark spots, acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing, and acne. Also, continued use of vitamin C skincare products can give you the glowing, healthy, and radiant skin of your dreams. So build a vitamin C skin care routine with effective and pregnancy-safe vitamin C-infused products and flaunt your glowing skin wherever you go.

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