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Get, Set, Glow: Upgrade Your Winter Skincare Routine With These Vitamin C Infused Products

Get, Set, Glow: Upgrade Your Winter Skincare Routine With These Vitamin C Infused Products


As far as buzzwords in the beautyverse go, Vitamin C is probably the most common. When used on a daily basis, it can help brighten the skin, even out complexion and skin tone, protect the skin from pollution, and even reduce acne scars. It’s a magnificent ingredient that’s packed with antioxidants and found in products like serums, moisturisers, and face masks. It neutralises free radicals that are still lingering on the face and hydrates the skin. 

So when your skin feels a little too dry or requires something more to look bright and healthy, we suggest adding a Vitamin C-infused product to your skincare regimen. 

The Best Vitamin C Infused Products To Incorporate In Your Winter Beauty Routine


If you’re a sucker for sheet masks, then you’ve got to reach out for this one. It’s enriched with mandrin and Vitamin C along with white truffle and Vitamin B that will help give your skin a youthful glow. It’s both brightening and moisturising, making it a winter staple. 


For people who are ardent followers of the clean beauty movement, this serum is great- it doesn’t have parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil, or heavy metals, making it a skin-friendly product. It’s lightweight and non-greasy and has a gel-like consistency. This Vitamin C serum will make your skin look plump, dewy, radiant, and soft and in the long term will also reduce and reverse early signs of aging.

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We already know that Koreans know their skincare and this product is no different. It’s made with Jeju citrus, a seasonal fruit that is known for its high Vitamin C content. It is loaded with antioxidants that make your skin brighter, revitalised, and radiant. It also contains niacinamide which reduces pigmentation and blemishes and panthenol which soothes and protects the skin. Use this as the last step in your skincare routine and you’ll see a difference.


Your lips deserve some TLC too and so this lip sleeping mask is incredible. The berry extracts in it are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that smooth out dry and chapped lips to make them smoother and softer. Incorporate it in your nighttime beauty regime and slather some on before bed, it’ll remove the flaky dead skin on the lips and hydrate them too.

This is another Vitamin C serum that will help you achieve a glow from within and help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and pores for smoother-looking skin. It’s also got hyaluronic acid making is ideal for people with dry skin. Apply it once you’ve cleansed your skin thoroughly and then go ahead with your moisturiser so that the powerful ingredients seep into the deeper layers of the skin. 



PIXI’s Vitamin C range is a cult fav and we especially love the cleanser that comes in it. It’s soothing yet cleansing at the same time and is formulated with orange flower water which refreshes the skin along with ferulic acid which gives it an antioxidant boost. The fruit extract and willow bark even help with gentle exfoliation that cleanses the pores deeply. Once you start using it, you’ll notice the difference in the glow.


Another Vitamin enriched product, this one is a hybrid between makeup and skincare. It’s a much-loved primer- moisturiser that looks beautiful under makeup. It’s got shea butter, Vitamin B, C, and E that give the skin a certain luminosity and make it feel plump. Use it daily and see how instantly hydrated and soft it looks.

Cause we would never let your shine dull down!

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30 Nov 2020

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