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From Helping Anushka Workout To Making Sure She’s Eaten, Virat Kohli Is A Doting Dad-To-Be

From Helping Anushka Workout To Making Sure She’s Eaten, Virat Kohli Is A Doting Dad-To-Be

Ever since Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli dropped the news of their pregnancy on social media, their feed has been flooded with congratulatory messages and well wishes from their fans and loved ones. Now, there’s no doubt that our skipper has a huge fan base on social media and all over the world, but there’s also no denying that our captain has been receiving a lot of extra attention lately. The reason, of course, is all the right things he has been doing to be the most supportive husband to Anushka and a great father to his unborn child. We sincerely believe that all dads-to-be should take some pointers from Virat. Here’s why!

Reasons Why All The New Dads Should Take A Lesson Or Two From Virat Kolhi!

Dads to be, we hope you’re taking notes!

Help Her Work Out

Anushka recently shared a throwback post on her Instagram handle where she can be seen performing a yoga asana called Shirshasana. She was carefully performing a headstand, but what was really adorable was how Virat was firmly holding her feet and giving his wifey the right balance and support. 

Honestly, Virat and Anushka have made it a point of giving us some really awww moments every now and then and we are truly not complaining! What makes everything much sweeter is the fact that Virat is doing exactly what every father-to-be should do without paying any attention to all the senseless trolls he has been receiving for the same. 

Anushka explained in her caption that she was performing the asana after her doctor’s consultation and under her yoga teacher’s guidance. She wrote, “his exercise is ‘hands-down’ (and legs up) the most difficult one 🤓 #throwback . P.S. – As yoga is a big part of my life, my doctor recommended that I can do all such asanas that I was doing before I was pregnant( after a certain stage)barring twists & extreme forward bends, but of course with the appropriate and required support. For the Shirshasana, which I have been doing for many years, I ensured that I used the wall for support and also my very able husband supporting me balance ❤️, to be extra safe. This was also done under the supervision of my yoga teacher @eefa_shrof who was virtually with me through this session. I’m so glad I could continue my practice through my pregnancy”



There are a lot of exercises like low-impact workouts, swimming, muscle-building exercises, etc. that you can do with your pregnant wives. Of course, consulting a doctor before anything is a must!

Don’t Hesitate To Take Paternity Leave


Virat is currently playing for the ongoing Australia-India cricket series but he will soon return to India with Anushka for his paternity leave. When the news was announced, there were a lot of hate mongers on social media who called Virat’s paternity leave as an act of abandoning national duties. Well, we are glad that Virat and Anushka are smart enough to not concern themselves with such mindless trolls!

You can read about the reactions Virat received when he applied for paternity leave here:

We’re sure there must be a lot of men out there who would want to take paternity leave to bond with their newly born kids but hesitate due to society’s preconceived notions that paternity leave is not as important as maternity leave. We just want to say–pardon our French but take that damn leave because your newly born deserves quality time with their dads as well!

Take Care of Your Wifey!

It’s really simple that TBH–just take care of your wife! Recently, a video went viral where Virat gestured at Anushka and asked from the field whether she had eaten. She replied with a thumbs up (all the while beaming and glowing) and we were floored!

You see, you really don’t have to make huge gestures to show that you care. It’s the little things like ensuring that your wife has eaten, taken her medicines on time, and just checking in with her, that matter!

We hope these pointers helped couples who are about to welcome a new angel in their lives. And Anushka, please keep the cute pictures coming!

Feature Image: Instagram

01 Dec 2020

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