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Vikas Gupta’s Bigg Boss Ordeal Just Got Uglier, Mastermind Might Lose His Game!

Vikas Gupta’s Bigg Boss Ordeal Just Got Uglier, Mastermind Might Lose His Game!

Vikas Gupta created quite a buzz when he entered Bigg Boss 11. His gameplay was so smart and executed with such finesse that he got the tag of ‘mastermind’. However, his journey in the house wasn’t smooth. The reason was the constant accusations about snatching work opportunities the came from other gharwalas.

Bigg Boss 11 winner, Shilpa Shinde, accused Vikas of spoiling her career by replacing her unprofessionally from a popular TV show where she played the iconic character of Bhabhi Ji. Though the creative producer-turned-reality show-host denied all such claims, the series of allegations did not stop there. Now, in Bigg Boss 14, the audience has been witnessing something similar once again.


The new challenger in the house, Arshi Khan, made it a point to recreate the entire fiasco we already witnessed in BB11. She claimed that Vikas got her removed from certain projects and she had to stay unemployed for years because of him. Honestly, it did seem like quite a gimmick and Rakhi Sawant also pointed out Arshi’s attempt at becoming Shilpa Shinde 2.0. However, after Arshi Khan, another gharwala recently came forward with similar claims.

In last night’s episode, Jasmin Bhasin said that she could never trust Vikas for the vile things he had said about her outside the BB house. The latter tried to clear the air but Aly Goni was quick to jump into the conversation and side with his BFF. He said that he too had heard some unkind words spoken against them by Vikas. Moreover, Aly also claimed that it was because of Vikas that he was removed from certain projects. Vikas defended himself and assured that he had never been responsible for taking away anyone’s work in the entertainment industry.

These are not the only celebrities who have come forward with such claims. Bigg Boss 11’s contestant Priyank Sharma had also confirmed once during his stint on the show that Vikas had replaced him from a daily soap. 

Well, we do not know the truth behind these allegations, but we surely know that Vikas is facing quite a hard time in the Bigg Boss house. The housemates are scrutinising his gameplay closely and Arshi has already crossed all personal boundaries by getting physical with him. Interestingly enough, the makers have decided to not address these issues at all. As a result, in the upcoming episode, we might see Vikas getting evicted for pushing Arshi in the swimming pool. 

TBH, we do not know about Vikas but Bigg Boss is definitely a mastermind for going to any extent to raise the show’s TRP. Bigg Boss, ye harkat na sirf ashobhniye hai, balki nindajanak bhi hai! 

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14 Dec 2020

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