Eijaz Khan Claims That Vikas Gupta Instigated A Woman To File Fake Dowry Case Against Him

eijaz khan vikas gupta

Bigg Boss 14 has reached its second phase with the introduction of 6 new frenemies (more on that later) and Eijaz Khan is, obviously, one of the four original gharwalas to make it to the first finale of the show.

While he started out slow, Eijaz has succeeded in grabbing his fans’ attention throughout his stay in the house and is probably the only player to have shared extensive details about his personal life. From talking about his toxic relationship to revealing his traumatic childhood, viewers realised that a lot lies underneath his tough exterior.  

The Tanu Weds Manu actor had previously opened up about his relationship that dramatically changed his entire life. He had shared “I used to help all women and protect those that needed it. There was one such and later I was charged with rape because I promised I’d marry her but didn’t. She made it into a rape case and I had to go to jail.” At many instances, he even talked about the ways in which his ex-girlfriend in question tortured him mentally and emotionally by using his family and pet dogs as bait.


While Eijaz never revealed the girl’s name, he made some further shocking revelations in last night’s episode. Before we tell you about that, let us refresh your memory with the new twist in the plot. In the last Weekend Ka Vaar, not only was the first finale of the show held but six more contestants were introduced as the new gharwalas aka ‘frenemies’. These contestants are Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, Manu Punjabi, Rahul Mahajan, Kashmera Shah, and Rakhi Sawant. 

In last night’s episode, we saw five of these frenemies enter the house in an attempt to make the show more interesting. However, before Vikas entered the house, Eijaz had some really surprising things to disclose about him. While in conversation with his co-contestant Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz revealed that a woman once threatened to file a fake dowry case against him. He added that she later confessed that she was influenced by someone to do so. He said, “I would ask God, ‘Why me? I am a good person’. Many of my friends asked me to file a case against the girl but I did not because she is somebody’s daughter.”


While talking about the person who allegedly influenced the woman, Eijaz made a ‘V’ sign with his fingers and implied that it was Vikas Gupta. He later said, “Let him come in, usko dikhaata hu (I’ll show him).”

Wow, we just did not see this coming! Vikas has already stirred up quite a storm in the house with the secret missions assigned to him by Bigg Boss and his rivalry with Arshi is definitely one to watch out for. 

With Vikas and Eijaz now in the same house we’re expecting super pretty serious fireworks. Are your Team V or Team E?! 

Feature Image: Instagram