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Aura Nails: The Personality Vibe Check You Need On Your Digits + A Guide On Decoding Your Aura

Aura Nails: The Personality Vibe Check You Need On Your Digits + A Guide On Decoding Your Aura

Don’t worry—you don’t need someone to read your aura to enjoy this new nail-art trend. Aura Nails are exactly what like they sound like—pops of colour painted onto your nails in circular ombre or gradient-like designs so they resemble your very own aura. Instagram has been spotlighting this trend continuously over the past couple of months, and that’s enough of an indication to jump in on the bandwagon. Before you do, here’s what you need to know about these nails.

Aura Nails Are Instagram’s Newest Mystical Nail-Art Trend

What Is An Aura?

Before we start, let’s understand the concept of auras. Though science doesn’t testify to the existence of auras, a lot of philosophies and practices hold that everyone has one. You can think of an aura as the energy emitted by someone. Notice how one person makes you feel anxious; and another makes you feel relaxed. This is courtesy of their energy-field, aka, aura. You can’t see their aura, but you can feel it.

What Do Colours Have To Do With Aura?

Auras are composed of seven (main) layers/chakras. Each layer of your aura is represented by a colour. Everyone’s aura is different, and the way in which these colours vary from person to person, and interact with one other dictates how emotionally, spiritually, and physically complex an individual is. It is held, for instance, that those with brighter auras are vibrant and energetic; and those with duller auras are stressed or depressed. But these are just generalisations; a lack of colour doesn’t indicate that something’s wrong with you.

It’s also important to note that auras are ever-changing. Your colours change based on your emotions, thought-patterns, and many other factors over the course of your life.

How Do You Know What Your Colours Are?

Some people see their colours by positioning themselves in front of a mirror against a white background; some take quizzes; some rub their hands together, and move them apart and back together to see if any colours appear; some stare at their hands for about a minute before seeing a glow radiating from the outer-lining of their hands. All of these methods require patience. You can also ask a professional to do a reading for you.

Knowing which of your colours corresponds to what layer can show what your aura has been trying to tell you, and help you fine-tune your intuition. Here’s what each colour means:

  • Red: well-grounded, stable, energetic
  • Orange: independent, realistic, thoughtful
  • Yellow: creative, curious, positive
  • Blue: intuitive, empathetic, spiritual
  • Indigo: curious, gentle
  • Purple/Violet: intellectual, wise
  • Green/Pink: compassionate, forgiving, nurturing
  • White: well-balanced, calm, open

What Are Aura Nails?

Now that you know what an aura is, you understand the concept of this trend. Once you have an understanding of what your colours are, you can mirror the aesthetic on your nails—or you can just draw inspiration from existing ones. Below—some vibrant and bright nails along with dark and moody ones.

Which one was your favourite?

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Jun 2022

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