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“Try A Bite!”: 8 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re The Only Vegetarian Friend In The Group

“Try A Bite!”: 8 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re The Only Vegetarian Friend In The Group

Foodie or not, we all have our choices and tastes. Khana veg ho ya non-veg, it’s all about making a conscious choice keeping in mind one’s health and principles. But vegetarians don’t have it easy, especially when they have a group of non-vegetarian friends. You may have decided to remain vegetarian because mummy ne bola or because you love animals. And that’s perfectly alright until you have to repeatedly hear the same old taunts again and again and again! 

Being vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian is a personal lifestyle choice. But we understand how difficult things get when you have to hang out with your non-vegetarian friends, especially when you’re stepping out to eat. So, here’s a list of things that you will relate to if you’re the only vegetarian *bakri/bakra* in the group. 

1. Tu Vegetarian Hai? Kaise?


We’ve all been there, that initial shocked expression when they find out that you are vegetarian. They probably wouldn’t be as shocked if you told them that you’re a criminal. Get over it guys, vegetarian hai, serial killer nahi!

2. Toh Bahar Ja ke Ghas Phoos Kha Na!


This one is just below the belt, hai na? Just when you’re about to order your favourite vegetarian dish, someone from the group has a not-so-funny comment to make. And it’s either this or the good old question, ‘kaise kha lete ho ye ghas phoos?’

3. Tu Egg Bhi Nahi Khata/Khati?


No, eggs are not vegetarian guys! Just stop it already. Eggs will be a part of a vegetarian diet when pigs fly!

4. Try Toh Karke Dekh….


Thanks, but no thanks. If I wanted to ‘try’ eating non-veg I would’ve done it already. But they’re never going to get it. Every single time, there will be that one odd person who has this absolutely stupid suggestion for you.

5. So Paneer Or Soya Must Be Your Chicken Na?


Oh god, no! Chicken is chicken. Paneer is Paneer and Soya is Soya, if I wanted to eat chicken I would eat chicken. Why would I need something to replace the food item that I just don’t want to eat? Some non-vegetarians are just blinded by their love for chicken.

6. Nutrition Kahan Se Milta Hai Tujhe?


Okay guys, NEWSFLASH- Vegetarian khane mein nutrition hota hai! We’re the living proof of that. Perhaps you need to go back to school and pay more attention in science class.

7. Plants Are Also Living Beings, You Know!


OMG, I had no idea! Thank you so much for that information but what I eat and what I don’t is my personal choice and it’s not up for debate. But they have other ways of saying this too including ‘plants also have feelings, you know?’ or ‘if you love animals so much why do you eat their food?’. Please just, shushhh. 

8. Chicken Mat Khana Bas Gravy Gravy Try Kar Le


Eh, no, thanks. I can order my own VEGETARIAN gravy. Nope, I do not want to have bas gravy gravy from your CHICKEN gravy because it has chicken in it. Spare me the drama. 

While all this may sound funny but it really does get repetitive and boring. So, if you have a vegetarian friend, just give them a break already.

Feature Image: Youtube/Pexels

03 Feb 2021

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