Vanessa Hudgens Shows Us How To Get Red Carpet Ready

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 17, 2021
Vanessa Hudgens Shows Us How To Get Red Carpet Ready


Take cue from Vanessa Hudgens on how to make an impact with a neutral makeup palette that is high on glow. The star shows us that warm mattes and soft shimmery metallics paired with a glossy, polished hairstyle is all you need to get red carpet ready. Simplistic yet so alluring, her face is chiselled like a goddess and exhibits velvety radiance. To aid her dewy makeup look, her hair is also set in a high-gloss finish, with a deep side parting for an edgy frame. We are definitely bookmarking her beauty look for the party season and so here’s a breakdown on how to achieve it.

Recreate Vanessa Hudgens’ Class Glam Beauty Look

We share a step-by-step decode on how to channel the celeb’s glamorous beauty avatar.

Step 1: Velvety Skin

Begin with well-moisturised skin and lips. Proceed to build your base by first blending a soft matte foundation on your face and neck and then going over areas like the under eyes, chin, and contours of the nose with a creamy concealer. Set the base with a loose translucent setting powder.

Step 2: Eye Lift

Apply a tinted primer to the lids to prepare it for eyeshadow. Use a dark brown eyeshadow in the crease of the lids, on the outer corners of the eyes,  and on the lower lash lines. Dab a white eyeshadow on the centre of the lids. Define your lash lines with eyeliner. Adhere falsies and brush your lashes with mascara. Groom your brows with a brow gel.

Step 3: Honey Dew Glow

Contour your visage with a shimmery bronzer. Add glow to your skin with a honey-toned highlighter. For a natural flush of colour, apply a rosy blush to your cheeks.

Step 4: Brownie Points

To tie the look together, scrub and hydrate your lips to prepare them for colour. Outline and fill in your lips with a brown lip pencil.

Step 5: Sleek & Edgy

Apply a heat protectant serum and straighten your locks with a flat iron. Create a deep side parting and use invisible bobby pins to tuck your strands behind your ears on either side of your face. Use a strong hold hair gel that gives off a wet look on the crown area and side parting while leaving the ends of the mane free of the product. 

You are now ready to slay!

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