Dewy Skin Is In: Makeup Products That’ll Give You A Luminous Glow, Instantly

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 16, 2021
Dewy Skin Is In: Makeup Products That’ll Give You A Luminous Glow, Instantly


So you want to be a dewy goddess with skin so luminous that even the moon’s jealous? Welcome to the ever-growing dewy club crew. If you’ve found yourself anywhere near beauty reels on IG, then you’ve probably come across someone with blindingly glowy, seemingly translucent skin that looks almost like, well, glass. 

And while navigating through beauty-heavy IG feed is certainly a breeze, picking out the right products to get that glow isn’t always that easy. Sometimes the word luminous, dewy, or glowing turns out to mean loaded with shimmer. And while we adore the beaming look of a disco ball, sometimes we’re trying to look dewy instead. For those times, we reach for one of the following legendary, hard-to-beat products that will give you the envy-inducing dewy skin of your dreams.

The Ultimate Glowy Skin Lineup

The Cult-Loved Formula

Pricey, yes, but we wouldn’t recommend something this expensive if we didn’t seriously rate it. It gives a gorgeous colour-free and dewy glow under makeup or when worn alone. If you want to nail a dewy-looking complexion like Alia, this is the product to call on. Trust us, it’s like an instant beauty filter. 

For A Lit-From-Within Glow

Ok, so this is one of the few products that are genuinely worth all its Instagram hype. The serum-based foundation feels as light as water on the skin, yet makes enlarged pores and imperfections vanish before your eyes. The best part? It’ll leave you with a ‘gram-worthy dewy complexion.

To Boost Radiance

Guys, Smashbox has done it again. This blush is just beautiful. The velvety cream formula is pigmented but blendable, meaning you only need a small amount to give your cheeks a rosy glow, and it’s easy to buff out – so you don’t have to worry about looking OTT. It imparts a sheer wash of pink onto cheeks, with a slight shimmer to boost luminosity. 

For The Ultimate Dewy Glow

For on-the-spot glow, it doesn’t get easier than this makeup setting spray. This cult-favourite formula will leave you with velvet-smooth, ultimate dewy skin and it does last for hours. Spritz this on post-makeup and your skin will look (and feel) fresh, soft, and dewy. 

To Nail Model-Esque Dewy Skin

For an added layer of luminosity, start your makeup with a brightening strobe cream like this one. Worn alone or under foundation, the pink-hued cream gives skin a fresh, even-toned look, while the pearly sheen diffuses light for amped-up radiance.

Best Budget-Friendly Pick

For those looking for a dewy glow without a hefty price tag, this drugstore pick from Lakme is a great find. The formula features argan oil for that glowy boost, and the texture is creamy yet super lightweight. We love it because it looks incredibly dewy and natural on the skin while offering hydrating benefits, too.  

For Gram-Worthy Glow

We sing this oil’s praises time and time again. What makes it such a crowd-pleaser? Well, for starters, there’s the fact that it sets the rest of the makeup products up for success to rock a dewy skin. Plus, the blend contains heavy-duty skincare ingredients that help in fighting dullness and signs of ageing. It works beautifully to leave you with glass-like glowing skin.

Go get that glow!

Featured Image: Instagram