Every Desi Girl Needs To Check Out Urvashi Kaur’s New Collection

Somya SureshSomya Suresh  |  Jul 19, 2017
Every Desi Girl Needs To Check Out Urvashi Kaur’s New Collection


Urvashi Kaur’s label has been known for fresh and contemporary Indian wear that elegantly mixes in ethnic colours. Think typical Indian fabrics with a refined silhouette and western drapes, that fuse together effortlessly! The constant flux of the universe and its dynamism is the inspiration behind Urvashi Kaur’s festive collection, Dhara. Looking towards a more refined, luxurious aesthetic, this collection takes forward signature elements from the brand and distills them to a vision that’s pure and precise. Urvashi uses a palette that consists of intriguing shades that are powerful yet amorphous.

Urvashi Kaur dhara collection new4

The designer usually uses heritage textiles with a very modern design aesthetic in her pret line. The new festive line is for the Indian girl who likes to keep her sense of style and dressing fresh, different and bold. 

Urvashi Kaur dhara collection new1

The designer’s keen eye for graphic visuals ensures a strong play of stripes through the entire collection and forms fascinating patterns like Chevron in unexpected instances. The graphic element also adds modernity and a contemporary edge to the festive mood running through the entire compilation. Minute details like ruching, kantha and micro-pleating can be seen in every individual silhouette.

Urvashi Kaur dhara collection new2

Think pretty sarees in organic textiles with the sheen of real zari and anarkalis with geometrical patterns. We’re surely keeping a close watch on this one for all our ‘desi’ parties! We’re floored with the designer’s textile innovation and fabric re-invention and we just can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 

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Which one’s your favourite?