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Everything In My Life Happened Very Early: Urvashi Dholakia On Being A Single Mom At 17

Everything In My Life Happened Very Early: Urvashi Dholakia On Being A Single Mom At 17

Indian TV actress and Kasautii Zindagi Ki star Urvashi Dholakia is more than what meets the eye. Along with being a superstar, she’s also a super mom. What many people don’t know about the OG Komolika is that she had twin sons when she was just 17 years old. Urvashi got married at the young age of 16, and while her marriage didn’t last, she’s now a proud mom to Sagar and Kshitij.

In a recent interview with a publication, Urvashi opened up about her struggles as a single parent, especially one living in Indian society. 


Urvashi said that she was used to the personal attacks and learnt to ignore them. “Of course, there are a lot of people who came and went in the interim and said a lot of things to me, a lot. Some said behind my back, some of them said brutally on my face, very personal attacks on me but then if I start all this affecting me, I wouldn’t be where I am. I had no choice but to ignore all of them,” said the actress.

Being a single mom in India back in the ’90s would definitely have been a lot harder than it is today. While we’ve definitely evolved as a country, there are still plenty of people who still have a narrow mindset and frown upon things like divorce and single parenting. Talking about her journey, Urvashi says, “The picture was very different 24-25 years ago. The societal pressure, the taboo of being a single mother was obviously there but it did not bother me. Of course, within the family too, people were a bit reluctant and hesitant about it. Today, it has become a fad. Everything in my life happened very early.” 


Most people have a hard time believing she has two grown-up children, says Urvashi. “Being a single mother was difficult. People tell me how I don’t look like a mother and how I haven’t aged. It’s amusing. Why will I age? I am 37. Many harp over the fact that I had my sons when I was 17. But what is the big deal? I take these comments in a positive way. I am proud of my journey, which has been a long one.”

When asked about her relationship with her children, Urvashi confessed to having missed most of their childhood. She had to send them to boarding school when they were just 8 years old. “I had no other choice. I was never happy with the decision of sending them away. It put me under a massive depression but on the other hand, I had to do it for their future. I did not see them grow but I am happy that I gave them time when they were back. I had to restart my work after a point and then I did Bigg Boss and that was the only time I was away from them. Then, I took a conscious decision of not wanting to work because I decided I have to see them grow because I couldn’t see them grow during their childhood,” added Urvashi.


Now that her sons are all grown-up and out of school, they spend a lot of time together and share a very close bond. Urvashi says that she’s a very chill mom, and that’s evident! One glance at her Instagram account and you’ll see that Urvashi and her children are more like friends. “I embraced motherhood at a very young age and hence am not a quintessential parent who dictates what should and shouldn’t be done. Yes, we are like friends and our house is truly the Mad House of Dholakias,” says Urvashi. When she’s not making adorable TikTok videos with her sons, she’s busy being a cool mom. 

She’s blessed with two extremely supportive sons, as they’ve always stood by her like rocks, supporting not just her career but her personal relationships too. Urvashi was dating TV actor Anuj Sachdeva for a while and her sons were quoted as saying, “Anuj is a very nice person. He’s perfect for our mom. Whenever he bought something for her, he would always get something for us, too. Anuj is like family to us, but we never questioned our mom about her relationship with Anuj. All we want is for her to be happy and if she is happy with Anuj, we are happy for her.” 

And that’s not it, Sagar and Kshitij have even called out other celebrities and publically defended their mom when required!

How precious is that? If children can be so supportive and understanding, why can’t we? Guess we all need a reminder from time to time to live and let live.

Featured Image: Instagram

21 May 2020

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