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9 OTHER Uses For Your Conditioner You Did Not Know About!

Good-old conditioner helps us get softer, hydrated locks. However, that’s not all you can use it for! A bottle of conditioner can come to your rescue for many a beauty fix, while saving you plenty of money. You won’t believe the amazing ways you can use it! Read on for some unusual uses for your conditioner that will blow your mind!


1. Makeup Remover

Obviously, we wouldn’t suggest you use it ALL the time, but it’s a great fix for when you’re travelling, or have forgotten to carry your remover along. A drop of conditioner on a cotton ball can help swipe your makeup right off. But remember to do this before washing your face. Now running out of makeup remover is no excuse for falling asleep with makeup on! uses for conditioner 3

2. Wash Your Delicates

Save yourself some dry-cleaning expenses for silk clothes, or the risk of warping the underwire of your bra in the washing machine, by using your hair conditioner. A spoon full of conditioner and room temperature water is enough to wash your delicates with ease. Bonus: It also leaves them feeling super-soft and smelling so fresh! uses for conditioner 8

3. Tame Your Frizz

Frizzy flyaways and staticky hair can REALLY drive us nuts. One quick way to tame them is to rub a tiny bit of your conditioner between your palms, and swipe them over your locks to save your style. Try this trick on an extra-humid day. uses for conditioner 11

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4. For Stubborn Zippers

A stuck zipper can be pretty horrifying. Before you swear to visit the gym every single day (we know that’s not going to happen!), try using a small amount of conditioner along the zipper. It will serve the purpose of grease and help ease up the zip’s mechanism. uses for conditioner 1

5. For Healthy Nails

One fab use for your conditioner is as a cuticle cream. Rub it around your nails to soften your cuticles and keep them healthy and hydrated. This trick will definitely help you delay those expensive manicure appointments. uses for conditioner 5

6. For Clean and Soft Brushes

A good set of makeup brushes should be in every girl’s beauty arsenal for flawless makeup application. Only if your brushes are clean, that is. Using dirty makeup brushes can cause horrible breakouts and infections. So, make it a point to clean them well after a few uses. Hair conditioner is great for keeping them clean and soft. Just add a couple of drops to a bowl of lukewarm water and swirl your brushes around in them, before leaving them on paper towels to dry. uses for conditioner 2

7. Remove Band-Aids, Minus The “Ouch” Factor

We all know how unpleasant and painful ripping off a band-aid can be, especially on a sensitive area. Well, your conditioner can actually make the process pretty painless. Just soak the 2 sticky strips on either side with water and a drop of conditioner and it will easily come off, minus the pain! uses for conditioner 6

8. Detangle Your Mane

One BIG long-hair problem is knots and tangles. No matter what we do, our hair gets pretty tangled up by the end of the day. We beg you, don’t rip your brush through your strands. Instead, use this simple detangling trick. Mix a drop or 2 of conditioner in a bottle of water, shake it and spray on to your strands. Then, use a comb to gently work through the tangles. uses for conditioner 7

9. Shaving Cream

Got a last minute date to get ready for? No problem! Just use your conditioner as a shaving cream to smoothly run your razor over your legs and wow him in a pretty dress. The conditioner will also leave you with softer, smoother skin! uses for conditioner 9 Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: The Best Conditioner for Your Hair Type: Are You Using the Right One? MUST-READ: What Type of Scalp Do You Have? Read This NOW to Find the Perfect Shampoo!

06 May 2016

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