17 Unspoken Sex Rules That People In Long-Term Relationships Should Follow!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Dec 13, 2019
17 Unspoken Sex Rules That People In Long-Term Relationships Should Follow!

If you ask me, the best part about being in a long-term relationship is the fact that you get to experiment so much. From making unusual vacation plans to taking out time to try out new things in bed, you can do it all. Sex makes you feel connected to your partner and we want to make sure you are doing it right, every day. We’re sure you have some rules in bed but we have curated a list of rules that you might like to include in your list too. Read on to know what we’re talking about.

1. Communication Is The Key

Various studies have been conducted over the years that confirm that partners who communicate about sex are more satisfied in bed than the rest. It is not only important to communicate what you want in the bedroom, but also outside of it. Communication holds it all together, guys.

2. Cut Out Quickies

Ok, don’t cut them out completely but pause quickies for a while. We often tend to resort to quickies thinking we have another chance for long indulgent sex. However, we keep prolonging it. So, it’s better if you cut down your quickie sessions and make them long and indulgent.

3. Try Role Play

Roleplay is a great way to turn up the heat between the sheets. Pretend to be strangers and meet at a bar and come back home together for a hot steamy session! *wink*

4. Swap Your Usual Clothes With Something Sexy

Believe me, when I say this, it’s awesome to be in your pyjamas. But for some time, trade your old jammies with something sexy and lacy to turn up the heat in the bedroom!

5. Be Flexible About The Length Of The Intercourse

Don’t be in a rush. Sexual intercourse is fun when you go with the flow. Take your time and don’t jeopardize the whole process. 10 mins late to work won’t do too much damage, you know? Haha!

6. Experiment With Foreplay

More often than not, we tend to forget to indulge in a long foreplay session in order to get to the main deal. But ladies, the key to a great sex life is to prolong that foreplay session. It turns you on more and makes sure you enjoy every minute of getting down and dirty.

7. Always Use A Condom

Well, consider this a rule in general. Sometimes, couples tend to ignore the condom because they have been at it for a long time. By using a condom, you can not only prevent unplanned pregnancy but also decrease your chances of getting an STD.

8. Try Something That Does Not Include Anything Sexual

Go out, hang out, talk to each other. Sometimes the real rules are outside of the bedroom. Spend some time watching an erotic movie, discussing erotica over drinks etc. This will strengthen your relationship and make you feel more connected to each other.

9. Make Sex One Of The Things In Your Tasklist

We all have a to-do list, right? Include sex as a number one task. Just for fun, to remind you to make sure you have to be at it every second day. A great way, right?

10. Try Sending A Sext In The Middle Of The Day

Nothing is sexier than sending a sext message in the middle of the day to your partner. It makes them feel important and they also know that you are low-key thinking about sex (and them)

11. Take It Out Of The Bedroom

Bedroom sex is great but over the years, we usually get bored of the same location. Take it outside of the bedroom. Try different locations like the bathroom, kitchen or even better, your terrace!

12. Plan A Sexcation… often

Vacations are great but have you ever planned a vacation just to have sex? Rule number 12: Do that. What’s better? Plan a surprise sexcation for your partner, RN!

13. Talk About Fantasies

Everyone has a few sexual fantasies that they would like to fulfil. The best part about a long term relationship is that you are always very comfortable with each other to talk about everything. Talk to each other about your fantasies and even better, try a few of them.

14. Let Your Partner Dominate

It’s sometimes great to let your partner dominate in bed. More often than not, if someone is willing to dominate during sex, they have a plan. Follow their lead and you will end up having a great time.

15. Masturbate

It’s okay to be in a relationship and yet masturbate. In fact, sometimes, you feel like doing it and that is quite healthy. You can, in fact, turn up the heat a little by doing that in front of him, for him.

16. Learn To Enjoy Sex Without An Orgasm

Sex can be great even without an orgasm. Yes, accept that. It is not the ultimate ‘sexual success’. So, enjoy sex without expecting a climax every time!

17. Make Your Own Rules

Rule number 17: Make your own rules, ladies. You know exactly what you and your partner want in bed so don’t hesitate.

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