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If Stupidity Was A Crime, These ‘Covidiots’ At Marine Drive Would Have Been Arrested

If Stupidity Was A Crime, These ‘Covidiots’ At Marine Drive Would Have Been Arrested

Lockdown may be lifting and the government may be easing out restrictions, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we are ready to say goodbye to COVID-19. After the ever-increasing numbers of coronavirus cases, it is evident that the virus is not going away anytime soon and we will just have to learn to live with it (while taking all the necessary precautions).

Even the WHO experts have said that it is impossible to predict when the pandemic would be controlled. However, one look at the images from Mumbai’s Marine Drive area and it was instantly clear that some people never reined in their covid-iotic tendencies. Pictures on the internet show that people were out in full force at Marine Drive. This happened after the Maharashtra government announced ‘Unlock 1‘ and gave a few relaxations. Pictures of the ‘covidiots‘ taking a walk at the Marine Drive stormed Twitter and now we are worried. ‘Coz if our safety depends on them, we are ALL screwed. Here are a few examples of what we mean by covid-iots, in case you were wondering.



And There Were Some Celebs Too!

Well, of course, these pictures became fodder for memes. 


Well, This One Truly Echoes Our Feelings

The Kind Of Party We Don’t Want RN

Mumbai On A Corona Drive

Corona To Ab To Aaja!

Well, it was imperative for the government to introduce lockdown relaxations to resume economic and industrial activity. However, what we need to keep in mind right now that the virus isn’t out of sight (certainly not in Maharashtra) and that we need to follow social distancing norms to the child. As different phases of ‘Unlocks’ are put in place, it becomes even more important for us to follow the guideline laid out for us. Let’s look out for each other. It’s going to be tough, but we can get through this together.

Featured Image: Twitter

08 Jun 2020
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