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12 Types Of Shampoo: Which One Should YOU Use?

12 Types Of Shampoo: Which One Should YOU Use?

The multi-billion dollar beauty industry has given birth to thousands of hair products – but are you using the right ones? We bet you didn’t know that there are various types of shampoos to suit your scalp and strands! Shampoo range vary according to hair texture as well. You can find shampoo for dry, natural, oily, frizzy or any type of hair. Read on to find different types of shampoo  and find out if you’re using the right one for your hair.

Shampoo Types For Gorgeous Hair

We know that every shampoo doesn’t suit each hair type. So, how do you determine what’s best for you? Let us make it easy for you and let you know the type of shampoo and the attributes related to them.

1. Clarifying Shampoo: For Squeaky Clean Hair

1 types of shampoos

Use a lot of products on your hair? You’ll notice, after some time, that your hair is getting weighed down. A clarifying shampoo is formulated to remove product build up from the hair and scalp, leaving it fresh and squeaky clean. People with greasy, limp, weighed down hair can try using this shampoo to remove deposits. However, clarifying shampoos tend to be harsh, so make sure you follow them up with a conditioner and use them once a week.

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2. Neutralizing Shampoo: For pH Restoration

The purpose of a neutralizing shampoo is to balance out your hair’s pH level. If you have used a lot of chemicals, relaxants and products on your hair, chances are that your hair’s pH levels are off balance. A neutralizing shampoo helps restore balance and makes your hair healthier. Neutralizing shampoos are usually used after hair relaxation.

3. Chelating Shampoo: For Intense Cleaning

3 types of shampoos

While similar to a clarifying shampoo, a chelating shampoo helps in removing metals, minerals and chlorine that get deposited in hair due to hard water. This is the kind of shampoo that swimmers often use. Both chelating and clarifying shampoos are harsh and can dry your hair out if used too frequently.

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4. Keratin Shampoo: For Damage Repair

Keratin is a protein which is found in hair. When the amount of keratin reduces, your hair starts becoming brittle and damaged. A keratin shampoo helps restore the balance and repair damage. You can use this shampoo to cut down on frizz and get healthier, stronger hair.

5. Colour-Protecting Shampoo: For Long-Lasting Highlights

5 types of shampoos

After you get your hair coloured, it is very important to use shampoos that will preserve the colour. After all, it makes no sense to spend so much money on your hair and then use unsuitable products, does it? A good protecting shampoo will have kelp, algae or oil to keep your hair colour safe.

6. Volumizing Shampoo: For Some Added Bounce

A volumizing shampoo works by opening up the hair cuticles to encourage growth. Use these shampoos if you want to add some body to your hair – they’ll provide that bounce which every girl with fine hair desires!

7. Dry Shampoo: For Instant Grease Removal

7 types of shampoos

A dry shampoo is for days when you don’t want to wash your hair but still want it to look less greasy and more fresh. Dry shampoos can be liquid, powder or come in an aerosol spray. All you need to do is take a small amount and spread it through your roots to clean your hair and absorb excess oil and grease.

8. Sulfate-Free Shampoo: For Naturally Soft Hair

Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals known as sulfates. A sulfate-free shampoo, however, has no soap alkaline base. Since sulfates tend to dry your hair out by stripping it of moisture and cause rough brittleness, a sulfate-free shampoo is good at keeping your hair’s natural oils intact and texture oh so soft.

9. No-Poo Shampoo: For Intense Moisture

9 types of shampoos

That’s right. This shampoo is so different from traditional shampoos they call it “no-poo” shampoo. This is the kind of shampoo you should use when you want to try out co-washing! These specially-formulated shampoos don’t lather but deliver intense moisture to your strands to keep them soft.

10. Everyday Shampoo: For Regular Hair Wash

Another variety in the types of shampoo is Everyday Shampoo. It is formulated for people who are either intolerant to sebum or are in a habit of shampooing their hair everyday. This shampoo variety is mild and helps in cleansing the scalp off daily dirt. A baby shampoo can be good replacement for an everyday shampoo.

11. 2 – in – 1 Shampoo: For Those On Wheels


If you are a girl who is always on wheels and runs late in the morning, a 2 – in – 1 shampoo is the perfect shampoo. You may not have enough time to let conditioner set in after shampooing your hair, hence, go for shampoo that does both the jobs in a nick of time. For gentle hair cleaning, and conditioning opt for this mild shampoo + conditioner and save time & energy.

12. Shampoo For Wigs: For Regular Hairpiece Shampooing


Girls who wear wigs or hairpieces as a part of their job or necessity should make sure to wash them as well. You can easily find some prepared wig cleansers and solutions.

So ladies, which one are you going to use for seriously healthy locks?

12 Oct 2016

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