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Argan Oil Shampoos For Hair Growth: 5 Best Cleansers That Will Give You Rapunlzel-Like Hair

Argan Oil Shampoos For Hair Growth: 5 Best Cleansers That Will Give You Rapunlzel-Like Hair

If you talk about heartbreaks, we feel like there is nothing more desolating than watching your hair fall. We all want our luscious locks to stand the test of time, stress, heat and weather (unfolding our sob story).

Your crowning glory, on the other hand, can be a happy story if you maintain a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a good hair care routine. Let me tell you, shampoos with natural ingredients can also play an important role in nourishing your tresses. Wondering how can a shampoo can breathe life into your hair while boosting hair growth? If so, Argan oil may be of great interest to you in a variety of ways. Yes, a shampoo infused with Argan oil is anything but ordinary (already obsessing over it).

Let’s delve deeper. Extracted from the kernels of Argan trees found in Morocco, Argan oil is the only ingredient you should look for when choosing hair products. It is the ultimate cure for a multitude of concerns. Argan oil-infused shampoos condition the texture of your hair, lock in moisture and boost hair growth. Now that you understand why we require Argan oil in our lives, here is a hand-picked list of the best hair growth shampoos.

5 Argan Oil-Infused Shampoos That Check All The Boxes


Permanent Solution

It’s really not hard to explain why this shampoo from Organix makes a killer sale. The creamy formula of this shampoo is made with milk proteins and Argan oil that leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturised. This drugstore giant promises to nourish your locks and provide strength to your hair follicles while boosting hair growth. Here’s to all the better mornings to come.

Healthy, Shiny Mane

This one is enriched with Argan oil and lavender that instantly restores and reconstructs hair to improve texture and leaves hair uber soft; plus, it nourishes dull, lacklustre and damaged hair leaving you with healthy tresses all year round. Formulated with organic coconut oil and plant-based cleansers, this shampoo will help tame your frizz and make it oh-so smooth. 

Elixir Of Life

Formulated with the goodness of Vitamin E, Argan oil, and essential fatty acids which is touted for its anti-hair-fall benefits, this hair shampoo by St. Botanica is one of the best products to switch to if you are experiencing hair fall. This shampoo and conditioner duo also works well to keep the hair hydrated while repairing the damage. It promises to gently cleanse your hair while strengthening the hair shafts, promoting hair growth, and providing protection against UV rays and scorching heat.

Let Your Hair Down

A patented nourishing Argan oil shampoo that claims to bring your hair back to life in just 21 days, this product is a must-have in your hair-fall treatment kit. Infused with aloe vera, sea kelp and antioxidants, this shampoo will help clear hair follicle blockages and promote hair growth for a healthy mane.

The Cult Fave

You want to know a secret? The only way to boost hair growth and keep frizz at bay is to feed your hair enough moisture. After using this Argan oil-infused shampoo, you are sure to look like a diva who stepped out of a shampoo commercial. This haircare hero is whipped with Argan oil, keratin and fatty acids that seal in all the hydration from the air from root to tip.

Don’t fuss over hair fall and trust these Argan oil-infused shampoos to watch your mane grow and your mind blow. Get these products right away.

Featured Image: Pexels

19 May 2022

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