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Types of Scarves for women

Not Just One, 10 Types Of Scarves You Can Style Endlessly & Wear On Repeat

That an accessory makes (or breaks) an outfit is a fact well known, but how do you find that one ideal version that works in your favour each time. In order to tick all the boxes, the one must-have attribute is that it needs is to be versatile, something that can be worn at length. When it comes to scarves, one may think that the styling hacks end at a ‘wrapped around the neck’ look and even though it’s a widely recognised one, there is more that lies in store. Not to forget, there are numerous types of scarves out there to choose from. To make things seamless, we looked up the variety there is and it sure didn’t disappoint!

Types Of Scarves

Ready to take a deep dive and find your pick? Explore the numerous types of scarves names and make a selection for your wardrobe. Here we go:

  • Silk Scarf
  • Blanket Scarf
  • Ponchos & Wraps
  • Infinity Scarf
  • Wollen or Hand-Knit Scarf
  • Pashmina
  • Linen Scarf
  • Square Scarf
  • Triangle Scarf
  • Bandana Scarf

Silk Scarf

Amongst the many types of scarves, silk scarves would top the charts in terms of ones that are having a revival and there are just no two ways about it. Having earlier established itself as a valuable accessory that was used in more ways than imagined (cue the knotted scarf on the handbag), the silk scarf could be that one stellar, smooth and lustre-incorporating piece you wear on repeat. Work it like a necktie à la the Parisians, tie it around the wrist for a fuss-free avatar or try it on like a hair accessory; there is absolutely no dearth of options with this one. 

Blanket Scarf

As the name depicts, a blanket scarf is an oversized iteration of the accessory that is bigger than your usual, go-to versions. Considering that it is of a substantial size, the blanket scarf is one of the best types of winter scarves that gives you more room to experiment with it. Then you could opt for simpler, basic styling that is fuss-free or work it into your look in a chic way, think wearing it like a cardigan and cinching your waist for a distinct look. 

Ponchos & Wraps

We can’t talk about oversized scarves and not mention the go-to outerwears that are wraps and ponchos. Though considered an altogether different category by some, the blurry lines between different styles sometimes give way to types of scarves that imitate the two. While a poncho is an oversized, breezy outerwear that often comes with a cape-like appearance and a neck detail, wraps are free-flowing iterations and can be styled for a snug appearance. 

Infinity Scarf

Amongst the different styles of scarves, this one stands out for its unique take, which is the way that it is connected. An infinity scarf appears like a loop because its ends are adjoined, rather than the tried-and-tested versions with free ends. To style it effectively, you can simply wear it around the neck or wrap it around multiple times for a bundled, cosy look.  

Woollen Or Hand-Knit Scarf

When it comes to accessories, few things work their charm on a chilly winter day like a woollen scarf, whether it’s a flat knit, machine produced scarf or a hand-knit version that you can wear in winter. Typically, this type of scarf style can be made from Angora, Camel Hair or Alpaca wool, amongst others. 


Speaking of woollen scarves, one cannot miss out on Pashmina. ‘Pashm’ stands for wool in Persian and the ultra-fine, soft and warm material that is Pashmina is renowned for its distinct appeal. The word itself is used to denote scarves, stoles and shawls, the version made in Kashmir touted to be the best there is. Intricate and aligned with exquisite motifs, the accessory can be found in embroidered, printed and the classic one-colour iterations depending on what you are looking for. 

Linen Scarf

Made of flax fibres, linen is a sustainable fabric that is much stronger than cotton and dries at a higher rate, meaning it can be the ideal pick for hot, humid weather. With a tendency to shrink and wrinkle, it requires the utmost care but its benefits definitely weigh in its favour. A fabric that can be dyed, it is available in an array of colours, giving you more scope to choose from. If that perfect wraparound version to keep you comfortable in the humid climes you live in is what you have been looking for, linen is the type of scarf for women that is bound to fit the bill.

Square Scarf

As the name clearly suggests, a square scarf highlights the geometrical shape and is ideal to be accessorised around the neck or the wrist. Smaller in size than most, it can be used in distinctive ways, read prints and interesting patterns in order to further accentuate your ensemble. 

Triangle Scarf

If you were to don this version from amongst the different styles of scarves, what you would get is a distinct emphasis on the front, thanks to a triangle-shaped fabric covering. While most types within the accessory will feature a rectangle or square pattern, the triangle scarf, be it large or medium, comes with an emphasis on the front drape which makes it stand apart from the rest. 


Last but not to be missed is the bandana scarf, an on-point version that keeps returning to the fashion circuits. Exclusively used as a hair accessory, a bandana can be styled to hold your hair back or should you wish, be used as a scrunchie or hair tie with a little DIY hack. Either way, a printed alternative in this type of scarf, with colour on your side, will work excellently.

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Taken your pick from the many types of scarves? It’s going to be a classic addition to your closet!

Featured Image: Sonam Kapoor/Anushka Sharma on Instagram

11 Jan 2021

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