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Which Type Of Eyebrow Shape Will Suit Your Face? Let’s Find Out!

Which Type Of Eyebrow Shape Will Suit Your Face? Let’s Find Out!

Ever since one can remember, eyebrows have always played an integral role in the beauty community. With changing times and trends, eyebrow styles have evolved tremendously. The beauty community has learned over the years, that an individual’s eyebrow shape can make or break your whole look by either lifting your face structure, dragging it down, or making it look fuller. From natural eyebrow shapes to different styles of eyebrow threading shapes, today we will discuss what different types of eyebrow shapes can do to your whole look. 

Different Types of Eyebrows


Straight, round, wavy, and sometimes non-existent – people are blessed with different types of eyebrows. Let’s look at the most common classification of natural eyebrows that can be found all over the world: 

Scarce Eyebrows

Scarce eyebrow patterns are extremely common in the west. The type of pattern is of crucial importance in deciding the eyebrow shape for women. In such cases, one has to stick with leaner eyebrow patterns like thin eyebrow shapes and low arched eyebrows. Women with scarce eyebrows resort to filling their eyebrows or getting cosmetic procedures like micro-blading. This helps them achieve the type of eyebrow shape they desire. 

Fuller Eyebrows

Individuals with fuller eyebrows are considered luckier than those who are not. Bushy eyebrows make it easier to experiment with different eyebrow shapes and styles. A fuller or bushier eyebrow type gives a youthful effect on the overall look. 

Natural Eyebrow Shapes


What is the perfect eyebrow shape for your face? Here is a list of natural eyebrow shapes and how they affect your entire look: 

Arched Eyebrows 

This is the type of eyebrow shape that gives a sharper and younger look to a person’s face. Perfect for a round face shape, this eyebrow shape creates an illusion of a longer and lifted face. 

Round Eyebrows

Many people also have round eyebrows as their eyebrow shape. This eyebrow shape gives a softer effect to the face. So if you are someone with a sharp or angular face, this kind of eyebrow shape will soften your look. But do remember that this eyebrow shape can also make your face appear round and fuller. 

Eyebrow Threading Shapes


For women who are not blessed with a compatible natural eyebrow shape, or the eyebrow shape they desire, there is a life-saving option of getting them threaded. A widely practiced beauty procedure, many women get their eyebrows threaded. Here is a list of eyebrow shapes that are frequently requested in threading parlours. 

Soft Arch Eyebrows 

Soft arch eyebrows have always been a hot trend in the beauty industry. Arched enough for a subtle face-lift effect, this eyebrow shape is softly arched and doesn’t give a harsh structure to the face. This type of eyebrow shape is suitable for those with an oval shape face.

High Arch Eyebrows

Offering a strong lift to the face, high arched eyebrows are most suitable for square and heart-shaped faces. They give a subtle elongated effect to the facial structure and the defined shape adds balance to the overall look. Do not mistake this eyebrow shape for pointy eyebrows, which are extremely arched and can easily go wrong with round faces.

Products For A Glamm Eye Makeup Look

Best eyebrow growth oils and serums: Every type of eyebrow shape and style requires an ample amount of hair to work with. Here are some easy ways to grow your eyebrows using oils and serums. 

How to get perfect eyebrows: Here is another simple guide on achieving the perfect set of brows.

Eyebrow shape for round face: While there are many different types of eyebrows, here is a list of handpicked styles that are compatible with round shape faces. 

4 beginner-friendly ways to fill in your brows: Scarce eyebrows? Fret not. Here are fool-proof beginner-friendly ways to fill in your brows, and make them appear fuller. 

Did you find the perfect eyebrow shape for you yet? Try and experiment with different eyebrow shapes to figure out your personal style. 

Featured Image: Pexels

16 Aug 2021

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