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Celebs Are Acting Like The Pandemic Is Imaginary & Twitter Is Sick Of Their ‘Vacay’ Pics

Celebs Are Acting Like The Pandemic Is Imaginary & Twitter Is Sick Of Their ‘Vacay’ Pics

The year is 2020. A dealy virus has taken over the world and brought it to a halting stop. A total of 59,628,514 have been infected and 1,404,287 have died. The healthcare system is overburdened and many have lost their livelihood.

In a parallel universe, a young actress is seen posing in a bright bikini on a turquoise beach with white sands. She poses for a couple of pictures and posts the best ones on Instagram. Her choice of hashtags includes #sunkissed #maldives and #vacay.

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We don’t live in a multi-dimensional universe, the realities are just very very different for the elite upper crust and the rest of the country. At a time when people are dying every day, our Bollywood celebrities have reached a whole new level of being tone-deaf. We get it–you can afford to fly off to exotic lands with sunny beaches on your private jets. But posting bikini shots and airport looks while the rest of the world struggles to stay alive is pretty insensitive.

Journalist Barkha Dutt first pointed it out on Twitter, saying she couldn’t ‘bear to see one more sun-kissed, rippled water image’. She wrote, “With apology to #Maldives but I just cant bear to see one more sun-kissed, rippled water image from there while our COVID numbers surge & jobs plummet. Its sort of the November version of Banana Bread & Celebrities would be be well advised on the tone-deafness of it.”

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And honestly, Barkha read our minds! What are these Bollywood A-listers planning to achieve by sharing glimpses of their oh-so-privileged lives while the world suffers? 

And okay, maybe if I had that kind of money and privilege I would also be vacationing at a beach in the middle of a pandemic (unlikely, but let’s suspend our belief for a second). But I’m hoping that I would have the basic sensitivity to not post on social media, no matter how ‘gram-worthy’ the pictures might be!

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Soon, responses started trickling in for Barkha’s original tweet, and most of them said, “Girl, same.”

‘Plain Stupid’

Admit It, We’ve All Had This Thought

Don’t Shame Banana Bread!

My Thoughts Exactly

It All Boils Down To Empathy

No Props For Creativity

Modern-Day Marie Antoinettes?

Dear Celebs, the next time you jet across continents for another sunkissed vacay, please temporarily delete social media apps from your smartphones.


A pandemic-stricken world.

Featured Image: Instagram

24 Nov 2020

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