Mani Monday: Give Your Digits A Festive Makeover With These Trendy Diwali Nail Art Designs

Eden NoronhaEden NoronhaΒ  | Β Nov 1, 2021
Mani Monday: Give Your Digits A Festive Makeover With These Trendy Diwali Nail Art Designs


Get your digits on point for the festive season. Diwali celebrations are just around the corner and you will want your nails to be as fancy and glam as your ensemble and hair and makeup. Besides, when else are you going to get the chance to bring out your desi avatar in full form? Traditional ensembles are complete with a good nail art design. Think versatile glam nail art ideas that feature hints of metallics or glitter. We bring you in on some of the hottest nail trends this season so that you find the perfect one for Diwali.

Diwali Nail Art Ideas To Rock This Season

Golden Line

While you celebrate with the golden light from the diyas, let your nails glisten with metal gold accents through this amazing Diwali nail art design. Opt for a nude matte base polish in a nude pink hue and have vertical centre lines of gold enamel.

Star Shine

This nude gel manicure featuring geometric gold stars with dots of silver glitter at their centres is a chic choice for the festival of lights.Β 

Fab Metal

These nail extensions in metallic silver look absolutely stunning replete with rhinestone flowers to add some more glitz.Β 

Gilded Gold Tips

This French manicure with gold metal tips is fascinating and a luxurious look for Diwali celebrations. It serves both traditional and sophisticated style aesthetics.

Glitter Pink

If you prefer silver over gold, then these pink nails with silver glitter French tips are just the ticket. This nail art is versatile and fun and will have you looking all glam instantly.Β 

Quartz Foil

Get with the hottest nail art trend of 2021 and make it festive. Foil nail art is gorgeous and edgy even with plain silver or gold, but these holographic foil nails look like jewels for your fingertips.

Bronze Edge

This bronze glitter nail art design with black curved edges is a classy look for Diwali. It has the sparkle you need to slay plus the edginess of black tips to make an impact.

If you are going the DIY nail art way for Diwali, you must have gorgeous nail polishes by your side. We recommend:

Which Diwali nail art designs are you going to rock this season?

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