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Trendiest Manicure Ideas For 2021

6 Trendy Manicure Designs That You’ll Want To Screenshot For Your Next Salon Appointment

Nothing elevates a look quite like a fresh set of nails. Case in point: Selena Gomez, who recently paired her neoprene coral lids with some lime-green neon nails. Or Kylie Jenner, who made a case for an unconventional water droplet manicure- a trend so hot it will leave you dripping, quite literally.

With incredibly cool manicure trends popping up on our Instagram explore page, our save folder is brimming with ideas that’ll make you wanna post a picture of your hands holding a cold margarita on your Instagram story. So to help our fellow nail fanatics, we’ve rounded up the statement nail trends that are going to rule the beauty sphere, From ombre twists on the french manicure to gradient nails and juicy fingertips, below. Scroll on to get inspired. P.S: Screenshot your faves for your next trip to the salon.

These Statement Making Nail Trends Are Going To Rule The Beauty World

Multi-Coloured Manis

Using complementary colours on each nail will add a spark to this fresh bright-hued look. We love everything about this cute, easy, and fuss-free nail art. It’s perfect for all the minimalist folks out there who wish to make an eye-catching statement with minimal effort.

Water Droplet Nails

A step up from regular manicures, this design basically gives the ease to incorporate water droplets into your manicure design. The design gives an illusion of wet and juicy fingertips and provides a striking interest without taking entirely of your nails. Kylie Jenner has worn many iterations of the water droplet nail-art trends. Try this one and prepare for everyone to be in awe at your freshly manicured nails.

Cutesy Mismatched Designs

Intricate nail art has hit the beauty spotlight in the last decade, but it’s been around forever. If you love minimalistic graphic nail art designs- this take on the ’00s-inspired nail trend might be your favourite style to hop on the bandwagon. It looks especially great with mismatched nail art. 

Gradient French Tips

For french tip 2.0, try this on-trend manicure. Yes, french manicures have been ruling the beauty world since forever. But the iteration sweeping the ‘Gram right now is the gradient french mani. They first came into the beauty spotlight in the early 2020s and are one of the most requested looks nowadays, especially loved by the trendsetting minimalist folks.

Negative Spaces FTW!

If there’s one manicure trend that’s nearly inescapable at the moment, it without a doubt is the paste-hued iterations. This one is so fresh-looking that we’ve actually crowned it as one of the trendiest styles of manicure. It’s playful, bold, and screams summer. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Blast From The Past

The biggest nail trends of 2021 are remarkably similar to those that took over 2001. The resurgence of vintage-inspired trends brought lots of red lipstick and nails. This one in particular will never go out of style. Thanks to the versatility of red nails, it looks equally good with both Indian and western wear. P.S.: Look for a creamier, deeper shade rather than cherry red if you’re exacting, just like us.

Guys, you’ve gotta save these manis for your next salon appointment!

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Jul 2021

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