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From Touchwood To Nazar Ka Teeka, Bollywood Celebs Believe In Some Strange Superstitions

From Touchwood To Nazar Ka Teeka, Bollywood Celebs Believe In Some Strange Superstitions

As Indians, superstitions have been a part and parcel of our lives. Be it a black cat crossing the road or just some good old nazar ka teeka, even the most educated of us have that one-off superstitious belief. Especially when it comes to cricket! We all know that one person who follows that whacky superstition to make their favourite team to win! 

And Bollywood celebs are no different. Just like all of us, they too have some or the other bizarre unfounded beliefs. We all know about Salman Khan‘s sapphire bracelet and SRK’s obsession with 555 and let’s not forget Bipasha Basu‘s nimbu mirchi craze. But here are some superstitions from B-town that you probably didn’t know of!


1. Alaya F


Speaking to Hindustan Times, the Jawaani Jaaneman fame actress said that she strongly believes in touchwood! In fact, Alaya F manages to drop touchwood multiple times in a conversation as well. And hear this, if this B-town newbie doesn’t find any wood to touch she knocks herself on the head. What sorcery is this?

2. Sonam Kapoor


This starlet believes that every time she stands and dubs for a film, it doesn’t do well and flops! This is why Sonam Kapoor Ahuja always sits while dubbing for her film. Whatever works for you, Sonam.

3. Ranbir Kapoor


Yep! Even Ranbir Kapoor has one odd belief and it has something to do with numerology. This mama’s boy has turned his mother into his lucky charm! The Rockstar actor ensures that all his car number plates have number 8 on them which he believes is lucky for him. And Mommy Neetu Kapoor’s birth date is July 8. Really Ranbir? SMH!

4. Akshay Kumar


Ever noticed that Akshay Kumar is mostly out of the country when his films release? Well, it has something to do with a belief that he has. According to media reports, this B-town superstar goes abroad before his film hits the theatres because he believes that they don’t do well when he stays in the country! Don’t worry Akki, we love you and your films no matter what!

5. Shilpa Shetty


Shilpa Shetty reportedly wears two watches on her wrist when she goes to watch her team play during IPL. Weird isn’t it? Well, this celeb believes that this will help her team win! What can we say?

6. Shraddha Kapoor


This superstition will actually make you go aww! This Daddy’s girl believes that her father Shakti Kapoor is her good luck charm! According to media reports, Shraddha Kapoor believes that every time he watches her films when he’s in Delhi it works well. Cute, isn’t it? We hope you watch all her films in Delhi Shakti!

7. Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh


Bollywood’s power couple also have their own quirky superstitions and we find it difficult to believe! Deepika believes in visiting Siddhivinayak Temple before the release of her films to make sure that they do well at the box office. While Deepika’s good luck charm seems to be working well for her, Ranveer is not behind! According to media reports, Ranveer Singh still wears a black thread that his mother tied on his ankle when he was young. His mom tied the thread to ward off illnesses and negativity and he has never untied it! Now that we know this celeb couple has their quirks, we want our nazarbattu too!

Maybe it’s time we find our own superstitions to give us a daily dose of good luck! Or do you guys believe it’s all hocus-pocus?

22 Dec 2020

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