Oops, Kaali Billi Ne Rasta Kaat Diya: Team POPxo On Superstitions They Secretly Believe In

Oops, Kaali Billi Ne Rasta Kaat Diya: Team POPxo On Superstitions They Secretly Believe In

Well, there’s something about superstitions and Indians, isn’t it? Even though we all know that there is no logic behind them, many of us still believe in them. It's only in India can someone tell you that crow shit is a sign of good luck. And it just gets weirder, trust me. 

No matter how outrageous they are, we’re all (including me) guilty of believing in at least one or more superstitions that have absolutely no scientific reason behind them. I asked some of my colleagues about the one superstition that they secretly believe in and trust me, I was surprised!

Superstitions That We Secretly Believe In!

If you’re spooked by the number 13, don’t worry, because we’re all in this together. Here are some of the superstitions my colleagues believe in.

I Think I’ll Go Later!


I obviously don’t know the logic behind this superstition, but if someone calls out my name when I’m leaving the house, I will have bad luck in my endeavours. Umm… Okay, I know it’s weird, but I always opt to stay back for a while if something like this happens.

- Neha Kapoor, Senior Writer

'Coz Nazar-Battus Are Too Important


Not sure if this would be considered as a superstition but it's creepy AF and I think it *kinda* falls in a similar category. Whatever I think about, the opposite happens. No, hear me out before you label me crazy. There's a reason I do 'touchwood' every second because I feel mere thoughts ko 'nazar' lag jaati hain. And I have a gazillion examples to prove my cuckoo theory!

- Aayushi Pareek, Writer

The old Indian belief!


You get hiccups when someone is thinking about you or is missing you, my mom used to tell me this all the time. And I eventually started believing in this. However, I twist it according to what I want to think (yep, judge me all you want). So whenever I get hiccups, I conveniently think that maybe my ex who now regrets breaking up with me is remembering me somewhere.

- Ekta Alreja, Deputy Editor

Nazar-Battu 2.0


If there’s one thing that I know is totally crazy but still believe in, it’s nazar. When I’m having continuous spells of bad days or bad health, I always go to my mom and tell her ‘Meri nazar utaar do’ because I believe that’s a legit thing. When you’re doing good in life, your success doesn’t sit well with some people. Even if they don’t wish bad for you, the thought is strong enough to do the damage. Besides, whenever my mother does utaaro my nazar, I always end up being right about it. This just re-affirms my faith in the superstition.

- Sayunkta Jain, Junior Editor

‘Coz kaali billi crossing your path is bad omen!


I remember as a child, kali billi ne rasta kaat diya was such a big thing. I never believed in it then and I still don’t but for some odd reason, I always stop in my tracks if a black cat crosses the path in front of me. It’s annoying and weird but the superstition is so deeply embedded in me that I actually wait for another person or vehicle to take the lead.

- Manasvi Jaitly, Assistant Editor

Eye twitching: Good, bad or stupid?


I take eye twitching really really seriously especially when it's the right one (the eye associated with bad omens). Unfortunately for me, that happens to be my body’s reaction to all kinds of stress and while it’s all good and fine if it's the left eye, I go lowkey hyperventilating if it’s the other one.

- Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer (Luxeva)

How many of you are guilty of believing in superstitions?

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