#TrendAlert: Tortoise Shell Nails Are Taking Over Instagram & We’ve Got All The Deets!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Oct 7, 2020
#TrendAlert: Tortoise Shell Nails Are Taking Over Instagram & We’ve Got All The Deets!


Animal-print nails are the latest ‘it’ trend on social media with patterns like cow print and glittery zebra print coming in the limelight. While scrolling through Instagram, however, we realised that there’s a new animal print fad that’s popular in the beautyverse and it’s the tortoise. 

Tortoiseshell nails are in high demand these days and we’re totes down for this trend. It’s abstract and neutral and goes with a whole lot of outfits, so you won’t really have to spend too much time piecing a look together. And because of the colours, it’s also perfect for the winter and autumn months so you’ve got to join the bandwagon ASAP.


Here Are Some Tortoise Shell Nail Art Pictures For You To Take Inspiration From

Here’s a pro tip: Since it is an abstract nail art design, the less perfect and more natural-looking it is, the better!

Make A Statement With Neutrals

The classic colours used in this trend are brown, black, and burnt senna, making it a super neutral yet statement nail art design. This will go with every warm-toned outfit and makeup look you choose to do for including yellows, creams, golds, and deep reds. 

Hello Fall!

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India obviously doesn’t have an autumn season like the western countries but we can always bring it into our beauty routines, right? If you don’t want all the nails to be tortoise ones, you can get it done on a statement nail along with earthy colours like greens and browns on the others.

Gotta Keep It Matte

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For matte lovers, this nail art design can totes work too. In fact, it makes it look more natural-looking when it has a matte finish. So, get nailing!

French Tips All The Way

Again, if fully tortoise nails feel a bit OTT for your style, you can always just get your tips done in a Frech way to be on-point yet minimal. Go for a transparent or neutral shade for the rest of your nails and let your tips be the prime focus.

With A Hint Of Neon

For people who can’t help but add their own twist to every fad- this streak of neon is a good idea. It’s contrasting yet doesn’t take away from the tortoise nails and adds an oomph factor to the look. 

Into The Wild

Why choose one when you can have ’em all? Mix and match all the animal print designs that you love and wear them all together. You do you, boo, there are no rules here!

What a fun way to welcome the change in season, am I right?

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