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#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Fitness Trends Of The Decade That Had Us All Hooked!

#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Fitness Trends Of The Decade That Had Us All Hooked!

Trendy fitness techniques made their way into our routines, nutrition became all about planned healthy meals and paying head to food labels, veganism and vegetarianism became the new cool – this decade saw a plethora of all things fitness become a way of life for many of us. 

Taking A Look At The Last 10 Years And The Fitness Trends That Became All The Rage In This Decade!

How many of these did you follow?!

All hail them fitness gadgets

Because how else would you track your fitness journey and calories burnt each time you sweat it out at the gym? Wearing the Apple Watch, Fitbit and other fitness trackers by big-name brands isn’t just about a style statement, but it makes you appear (and be) more watchful of your fitness levels and overall health.

Size 0? Nah!

We all saw Bebo become a size 0 for the movie Tashan in 2008. While she may have been an inspiration to many at the time, she now admits she’d never go back to that extreme. This decade isn’t about being a size 0 at all. Be it a curvy body or a bony structure, the focus is on being healthy, toned and fit. Drawing the right balance between eating right and working out, and of course, squeezing in a cheat meal every now and then.  

Spotlight on mental fitness

Giving equal importance to both physical and mental fitness has been another welcome change we saw in the 2010s. We saw several celebrities come out and speak about their battle with mental illness and that sure helped reduce the social stigma associated with it. Empowering those suffering from mental illness was a huge step forward in the world of fitness this decade.     

A warm welcome to veganism/vegetarianism

This is not to say that working out and gorging on animal protein isn’t a thing anymore. However, relying on plant-based protein and steering clear of eggs and meats is a path that many took to not just to achieve a certain level of fitness, but also to choose the more environment-conscious option. Even Virat Kohli in the recent interview regarding him turning vegetarian said that it had made him more active and energetic and that he’s never felt more fit! 

Choosing the right workout

Zumba, Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Circuit Training, Kickboxing – we’ve been spoilt for choice with the types of workout out there. Instead of blindly following the ‘it’ workout to do, many in this decade chose to listen to their body and follow the workout routine that suits them most (or maybe the one that records the highest body fat percentage loss on the Fitbit? wink)!

Focus on food labels

Earlier, the ingredients label on food products seemed more like an avoidable print on the packaging that proved that the food item was checked for quality and approved for consumption. Now, instead of reading just the bold print on the packaging, many health and fitness conscious ones take a close look at the finer print and judge for themselves if the protein bar with 3% transfats is something they are willing to bite into.  

Hello, workout quickies

Time-efficient workouts have been designed to complement our busy schedules. Be it a 20-minute virtual training sesh with the likes of popular fitness instructor Jillian Michaels or 30-minute HIIT classes scheduled at various gyms – squeezing in a workout found a whole new meaning this decade.

Thumbs up for outdoor gyms

While taking up memberships in your neighbourhood gym has been the way to go for years, the outdoor gyms gained popularity this decade. If you’re not one to workout indoors in air-conditioned spaces and on electronically operated machinery, the open-air gyms in parks and playgrounds have been a great way to sweat it out.  

Health cafes? Yes, please!

Many of us feel like we’ve earned that chhola-bhatura after smashing it out it at the gym, but it’s not something we’d treat ourselves to every day. The obsession with healthy eating has lead to the sprouting of many health cafes that have the most elaborate superfoods and healthy food recipes on offer. Chia seeds, chocolate and banana pudding? One for me, please!

Athleisure became a fashion statement

We cannot be listing out fitness trends of the decade and miss mentioning the comfiest yet stylish fashion trend of all – ATHLEISURE! This workout attire even made the cut for celeb airport looks! Yoga pants, neon sports bras, sneakers – we’re so glad this is big and do hope it continues to be cool in the next decade too!

Fitness apps found their way into our smartphones

Raise your hand if you have at least one (if not more) fitness apps installed on your phone. If not these apps, aren’t we checking out the health app that’s pre-installed on the iPhone to check whether we met the 10,000 steps per day mark?

Personal nutritionists have been all the rage


Gone are the days when personal nutritionists catered to movie stars who had to reach a specific fitness level for a film role or an ad campaign. Thanks to so many professional fitness instructors and nutritionists out there now, it’s a matter of just a chat over WhatsApp and you have yourself customised meal plans and cardio/weight training tips and solutions to help achieve your fitness goal.  

Fitness at the workplace


Employers too, in the last decade primarily, were seen focussing on employee health. Companies organised group Zumba lessons or evening runs for their workforce that doesn’t only take care of their health but also work as a great team-building exercise. Some companies also ensure to have a gym/workout space in the office premises for the employees to squeeze in a workout during or right after office hours.  

Meal planning got a new twist


‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’ is a thing of the past now. This decade saw the emphasis and benefits of eating multiple small meals throughout the day to improve the BMI (Body Mass Index). Alternatively, there has been intermittent fasting that gained popularity too. This entails not eating anything for 16 hours in a day that can lead to some kilo loss.

Fitness retreats


Getaways during long weekends and a summer vacation in the hills have always been our favourites. But fitness retreats with all kinds of hot yoga, spas, meditation sessions and healthy meals weaved in have become the go-to for many this decade. In fact, for those looking for health-focused time away from home, we now have numerous wellness resorts and weight loss retreat destinations that people choose to frequent.

HIIT deserves a special mention


Of course, it does! High Intensity Interval Training has been the go-to for tons of fitness enthusiasts this decade. This form of workout has been tried and tested positively for many who swear by it. Give it a shot if you haven’t already. 

Travel Workouts!


Putting on kilos and kilos of holiday weight isn’t certain any longer. Travel workouts have been the way to go after binging on pasta during your Italian vacation. While some choose to hit the hotel gym, others go for runs along the beach or hike up a mountain for the calorie loss and scenic views! 

Superfoods, superfoods and some more superfoods!


Did we discuss the benefits of chia seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds), avocados, kale and green tea as much before as we do now? Including these superfoods in our diet has been quite the fitness and beauty trend this decade. The power of antioxidants cannot be avoided after all.

Heard of the term ‘Gluten-Free’?


Being ‘gluten intolerant’ or following a ‘gluten-free diet’ has been a hot topic this decade. Want a flatter tummy or want to be more energetic every day? Giving up on gluten has been the answer. With gluten off the table, people see favourable results because they tend to eat more fruit and vegetables and take a step back from processed foods that are high in carbs, contain refined sugar and fat.



Last but not the least, we all do some things and admit that we ‘did it for the gram’. Gym selfies, workout plans, flaunting those abs, proof of that cardio glow – what have we not posted in the name of ‘Fitstagramming’? And well, why wouldn’t we? We ought to give some #fitspo to them followers, right?

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03 Dec 2019

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