Tips And Tricks To Survive Hostel Life Like A Boss!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Dec 8, 2017
Tips And Tricks To Survive Hostel Life Like A Boss!


So, the little caterpillar is all set to be a butterfly, haan? A lot changes in your life when you step out from your school life. While for some, they get to stay with their parents, there are the others who live away from home. It can be a hard transition for some but if you think about it, it is actually going to change you in ways you can never imagine. If you’re freaking out about survival then, fret no more because we have a few tips and tricks that will totally come in handy and will make your hostel life days, the best days of your life! You’re welcome.

1. Keep them earplugs handy

You don’t always get to pick your roommate and sometimes might even land with someone as annoying at Chatur from ‘Three Idiots’. Jeez! So in times like these, just to steer clear of disturbances, keep a pair of ear plugs ready for them peaceful readings and sleep. Just in case they’re noisy or anything. You just want to be prepared, you see!

2. Keep a stock of your favourite snacks, well, because dorm food = NO

Sometimes all you need is a little masala in your life and not always will you find that in the hostels. Get yourself a stock of some chips or instant noodles for those midnight (or otherwise) hunger pangs.

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3. Make sure you have alternates for those lazy days

Don’t feel like attending a class? Afterall, sleep is precious! And so, did you know that there are always smart ways to escape? All new Groups Hike Messenger not only help you keep in touch with all your peeps but also help you make a group that can have as many as 1000 members! Amazing isn’t it? So, now you can make a big group for everyone to share the things you have missed out on. Oh you’re welcome, dear!

4. Don’t hoard up on the laundry

You might not want to wash your clothes everyday but it’s better to wash a single outfit each day than to wash a mountain full of clothes on one. What’s even better? Find a washing buddy to make that session a fun interactive one


5. Make friends with the staff

This will be your pass to all things awesome in the hostel. They will make your life easier and so your survival will be 10 times better! Try it!

6. Invest in some great fragrances

You’re going to be lazy and not want to shower at times. Make sure you have a strong deodorant or perfume as a hack for such days. Also, don’t do this very often, please?


7. Hate math? Don’t do it on a daily basis

When you’re with a group of people, you tend to share the expenses. Trouble walks in when you try to settle.We all get stumped on final calculations and it’s no biggie! The Groups on Hike Messenger has a Bill Split feature that helps you do all the calculations letting each individual know how much they owe each other. No more math mania!

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