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How To Style Your Old Accessories In Completely New Ways!

How To Style Your Old Accessories In Completely New Ways!

The right accessories play a huge role in shaping how your final ensemble looks. They have the power to instantly transform a bland outfit into something stylish and trendy. However, wearing the same old accessories over and over can get a little boring sometimes. So here are 7 fabulous ways our bloggers have inspired us to style our old accessories in a completely new and different way!

1. Bringin’ sexy back

style old accessories

Image: Moda Yalda

If you are wearing a top or a dress with a low-cut back, then just wear your trendy necklace front to back. It is a nice way of highlighting your back and creating a style statement. Make sure to layer a few of your necklaces one over the other (and not just a single one!) for that extra edge.

2. Wear big earrings as a brooch

style old accessories

Image: Lil Miss Gurung

Almost all of us have a pair of statement earrings that we like to flaunt every chance we get. But wearing such earrings on a normal working day may not seem possible. But here’s the good news- You actually can! Just take one earring and simply pin it on a solid coloured piece of clothing, or even your bag. It works like a trendy little brooch and makes your outfit stand out!

3. Wear a neck piece as an arm-cuff

style old accessories

Image: Step-up Style Flaunt

Chunky bracelets and arm-cuffs automatically give that extra edge to your ensemble…Especially if you’re trying to pull off an ethnic or fusion look. Wrap a chunky necklace around your arm – this will transform it into a fabulous arm-cuff that is bound to turn a few heads.

4. Wear a pendant as a maang tikka

style old accessories

Image: The Jeromy Diaries

This is the oldest trick in the book and is still as fabulous! Wearing pendants as maang tikas creates a certain whimsical and dreamy look that we can never get enough of. It’s neither bold nor too bland, but rather, just perfect to create a style statement! Make heads turn in your beautiful Indian attire with this simple style hack.

5. Wear an old paayal as a head chain

style old accessories

Image: A State of Style

The boho fashion trend never really goes out of style! Channeling the free spirit in all of us, this trend reminds us to take it a little easy, be who we want to be, and to do it in style. Not sure how to rock this trend? Fish out your old anklet (paayal) from your cupboard and style it as a head chain. Throw on a fringed jacket or a maxi skirt and run free!

6. Wear old studs as collar pins

style old accessories

Image: What I Wore What I Wore

Buttoned-down shirts will always be every girl’s go-to wardrobe staple. Give your good ol’ buttoned-down shirt a little makeover by adorning it with a pair of old ear studs. Yes, it’s possible! And yes, it looks absolutely fabulous! Just pin the earstuds onto the collars of your shirt and take your outfit to a whole new level.

7. Dress your clutch up with a statement neckpiece

style old accessories

Image: Sheer Vanity by Sonia

All of us have that statement neckpiece we can’t let go of even when it turns old and rusty. But don’t throw it away just yet. Dress your solid-coloured clutch or your bag up by simply pinning the neckpiece onto it. This is such an easy and fabulous hack, and it will take your simple bag from bland to fabulous!

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05 May 2016

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