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9 Simple Tips To Make Sure Your Kajal Doesn’t Smudge ALL Day!

9 Simple Tips To Make Sure Your Kajal Doesn’t Smudge ALL Day!

Flawless eye makeup can change your look for the good, but for a look that is mesmerizing without trying too hard, you need to have perfectly applied kajal. You can say that kajal can make your peepers look prettier in a matter of seconds. So, to make you look fab, here are some tips you can use to prevent kajal from smudging. Follow these tips and you will have a flawless kajal look!


1. Keep your face oil free before applying kajal

Cleaning your face thoroughly is the prerequisite to applying any makeup. And the same goes for applying kajal, too. Before applying the kajal on your eyes, cleanse your face and dry it properly. Also, if you have oily skin, it’s best for you to apply some ice around your eyes. This trick will not only help in getting rid of oiliness but will also give your eyes a brighter and fresher look.

2. Dust some loose powder under your eye area

2 prevent kajal from smudging

Before you move on to applying your kajal, dab some powder under your eye area, around the inner and outer corners, and on your eyelids. This trick helps in absorbing excess oil from your eye area and will keep your kajal in place for a long time.

3. Invest in a quality kajal

This is extremely important as a kajal can make or break your look. Ditch those low quality kajals and opt for something which not only gives your look a boost, but is good for sensitive skin too. After all, it’s the question of your eyes and no risks can be taken. There are ample kajal brands you can choose from and see which one works for you best.

4. Master the technique of application

4 prevent kajal from smudging

Always use a crisp and sharpened pencil for a nice, fine line. If you find yourself all sweaty and oily due to the weather later in the day, you’ll see that the kajal hasn’t budged much. Most of us start from the inner corner of the eyes but in fact, you should apply it the other way round. Also, use short strokes as you can control the thickness of your kajal using this trick.

5. Lock it in with eyeshadow

You can apply some black eyeshadow beneath the water line after swiping on your kajal. The powder will help in absorbing excess greasiness from under your eyes and will also give your eyes a sexy, smudged and matte look. You can also apply a waterproof mascara to give you a mesmerizing look all day long.

6. Spare the corners

6 prevent kajal from smudging

Usually, the kajal smudges from the inner and outer corners of your eyes. To prevent this from happening, make darker lines in the middle and thin strokes near both the corners of your eyes. Doing this will help your kajal look dark and bold no matter what!

7. Always be prepared

Now, none of us are perfect, are we? And your kajal can smudge no matter how hard you try. It’s best to carry some Q-tips along, if you notice that your kajal smudges often. If your face is quite oily, keep some wet wipes as well to remove the excess kajal and blot the greasiness, and keep yourself from having panda eyes. It’s better to always be prepared!

8. No touching!

8 prevent kajal from smudging

Touching your eyes after applying kajal is a big no! Once you’ve applied your dark strokes, remember not to touch your eyes, otherwise your kajal is bound to smudge and you’ll end up spoiling your look. Now, you won’t want that, would you?

9. Make a switch if necessary

For girls with extremely oily skin, the chances of your kajal smudging are high, no matter how careful you are. If you feel that the roll ons or your normal kajal pencil isn’t working for you, you can opt for gel eyeliners. They give a similar kind of look just as a kajal and you won’t have to worry about your eye makeup smudging.

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03 Jan 2017

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