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Freeze, Blow Dry & 8 Other Tips To Make Heels More Comfy!

Freeze, Blow Dry & 8 Other Tips To Make Heels More Comfy!

We are always on the lookout for that perfect pair of heels that are of great quality, look fabulous, are affordable and don’t kill our feet! Am I right or am I right, ladies? Sorry to break that bubble though,this is too much pressure to put on one pair of heels! But here are a few tips to make your heels more comfortable. Try these and you’ll never feel like your feet are murdered in a pair of heels again.

1. Silicon Cushions

1 tips to make your heels more comfortable

Silicon cushions work really well to provide some respite to aching feet! They’re mostly fitted with gel and work as a great support when you’re wearing pumps, stilettos or any kind of pencil heels that put pressure on your heel. We suggest you place one inside all your ‘hottest’ (read most uncomfortable) pair of heels and feel the difference!

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2. Freeze Them!

Take a packet of sealed water and place them in the narrowest part of your new shoes. Put them inside the freezer overnight before you wear them. As the water freezes and expands, the shoe also makes room for it and expands by a few cms alongside. This is a really great DIY solution for all your peep toes that hurt the your poor toes every time you wear them.

3. Some Balm To The Rescue

3 tips to make your heels more comfortable

Ever thought you could apply your regular lip balm and get relief from the constant biting of your shoe? Well, here’s some good news for you in that case! Apply lip balm on the area of your shoe that’s most likely to bite and also on your feet. This reduces friction between the shoe and your feet, reducing the chances of your shoe bruising your skin.

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4. Buckle Up!

We all need some support and if your heels come with some straps and buckles to keep your foot in place, then why not! If you’re a beginner in the business of heels, then it’s a really great idea to buy the strappy ones first before you upgrade into leaner styles. The more straps there are, the more support for your feet.

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5. Aid It With Some Band Aid

5 tips to make your heels more comfortable

This one’s a quick fix… when you’re out and about and start feeling a painful shoebite, just tape the area with a bandaid and stop the itch. You could also tape it with a paper tape, incase you don’t have a bandaid on you! It’s handy to carry a few in your wallet, though. It will prevent your shoe from causing any further friction on that spot.

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6. Heel Liners For The Sides

Heel liners are just like band aids, only they’re for your shoes! Stick these on the sides of the inside of your heels to ensure way more comfort and put your best foot forward.

POPxo Recommends: These liners (Rs 219) make more space for your feet to fit in and make it easier to break into them.

7. Blow Dry Them

7 tips to make your heels more comfortable

Wear a pair of socks, slip into your heels and get hold of your good ol’ blow dryer and wing it around for a good 5-7 minutes on one end to expand your heels so that they don’t itch or bite ever again. Flex and stretch a little along the way!

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8. Go For The Platform

All said and done, there’s nothing like a platform heel! It’s 10x more comfy and looks better too! You can wear this style with most of your outfits sans the pain and problems of pencil heels. Alternately, you can also try a block heel that will give uniform support to your legs and won’t tire out your muscles.

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9. In-Sole It!

9 tips to make your heels more comfortable

An insole is a really great, simple and easy way to make your feet feel more comfortable. They give it some much needed support and help the ball of your foot rest well on the ground, especially when you’re wearing it for long hours. There are different types of insoles that you can choose from but we say stick to the basic!

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10. Practice How To Walk!

Well, last but not the least, it’s important to practice walking in those sky high heels to be comfortable and confident in them. Walking in heels isn’t monkey business and is definitely an acquired skill! So ladies, keep up the practice!

28 Sep 2017

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