How To Look Slim In A Saree – 11 Simple Tips!

Somya SureshSomya Suresh  |  Oct 20, 2016
How To Look Slim In A Saree – 11 Simple Tips!


A saree is gorgeous and elegant, yes, but only when you wear one that suits you best. As flattering as the silhouette maybe, you need the right tricks and tips to select one that’s most appropriate in making you look slim and shows off the best proportions of your body. If you have been asking yourself how to look slim in a saree, here are 11 tips to help you out! You can totally try these sarees styles today!

Saree Hacks To Look Slim
How To Look Slim In Cotton Saree
How To Look Slim In Silk Saree

Saree Hacks To Look Slim Everytime You Wear One

There are a lot of saree wearing styles to look slim, and we’ve listed them all out for you! So go ahead and give these a look!

1. A Saree Made With Lightweight Fabric

1 tips to look slim in a saree

Lightweight fabric will automatically make your body look slimmer as it is bound to give it better shape rather than add bulk. The fabric will naturally adapt and wrap itself around your body, giving it a well-fitted look and in turn making you look slimmer. So do take a look at your fabrics when it comes to how to look slim in a saree. Instead of silks and other thicker fabrics, try a lightweight georgette, chiffon, or even light cotton.

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2. A Saree With A Flattering Pallu Drape

The way you wear your pallu can make or break your look. There is no right or wrong way of draping the pallu, but it is important to know that some drapes will effectively make you look slimmer. The ulta pallu (reverse pallu) is a great way to stand out in the crowd and look slim with saree draping, concealing a not-so-flat belly in a better way! It is definitely one of our fool-proof hacks when it comes to how to look slim in a saree.

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3. A Saree With Sleek Borders

3 tips to look slim in a saree

Thick borders will add volume to your saree, and make you look heavier than you actually are. If you’re going to wear a saree style that has a border, pick one that isn’t too thick. This is your go-to answer for how to look thin in saree. A sleek border will lift your outfit, as well as make you look taller without any fuss!

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4. A Saree With The Right Petticoat

A lot of us don’t pay enough attention to this aspect of a saree style. But yes, what goes beneath is what shows above. Your petticoat is supposed to be well-fitted, and if possible tailor made to your measurements. That makes a great impact on the shape of your saree. Petticoats are the answer to how to wear saree to look slim and hot. Ditch petticoats that don’t fit you right or fluff up to avoid looking broad.

5. A Saree With Small Prints

5 tips to look slim in a saree

Small prints cover more space overall and give the fabric an overall clean look. While bigger prints make you look broader as they appear bigger and don’t have any breathing space on the garment. So opt for smaller prints and saree draping to look slim, as they flow better with the fabric and make you look leaner and taller, both. Prints are definitely a solution for how to look slim in a saree.

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6. A Saree And A Long Sleeved Blouse A long sleeved blouse can help you look slimmer, especially if you have healthy arms. It can cover up your arms and not only make them look slender, but also make you look taller. When you’re selecting the length of the sleeves, you can choose from anywhere between full sleeves, three-fourth length sleeves or even half sleeves. Sleeves have the power to make you look slimmer, no matter the fabric. They’re also an answer for how to wear silk saree to look slim and tall. But keep in mind to not wear a heavily embellished neckline or a high-neck if you are well-endowed as it will put emphasis on your chest.

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7. A Dark Saree

7 tips to look slim in a saree

It’s a fact that dark saree styles and colours make you look slim. This is why you can always opt for a deep shade when you want to look slim through your saree draping. Well, isn’t that the reason black can never go out of style? So for all your answers to how to look slim in a saree, you now know what will work!

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8. A Saree That Is Draped Perfectly

Draping your saree to look slim and pleating it properly is quintessential in this. You can wear whatever you want to, but draping your saree properly can totally make you look slimmer. Make sure your saree style is tucked in well and tightly on your waist and is wrapped around your hips in a proper way. You can also check out different saree draping styles to look slim. Just make sure to use pins in the right places to keep everything in place. A loose, poorly draped saree is only going to make you look broader than you are.

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9. Pleat It Right

Half the job about looking great in a saree lies in its pleating. If you pleat it right, then there is nothing that can prevent you from looking your best, and that’s why pleating is on our list of how to look slim in a saree. So do make sure that all your saree pleats are even and equally spaced whenever your drape your saree, and half the magic would be done!

10. Tie It Below The Navel

Yet another hack for how to look slim in a saree lies in tying it below the navel. Doing this will help you in covering all the contours of your saree while also elongating your frame. As opposed to this, tying your saree above your navel would only serve to give you a stout look.

11. Pick Delicate Embroidery


If there is anything about saree that makes it look petite, then it’s the delicate embroidery that it comes with. So make sure you go for subtle, petite work as opposed to huge, boldened patterns. The more petite the embroidery, the slimmer it will make you look!

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While these tips will always come in handy while trying to nail the slim and sleek look, we also bring you some tips on how to rock the slim look on some of your favourite saree materials!

How To Look Slim In Cotton Saree

While cotton is the ultimate summer fabric, it is also one that makes styling tough when it comes to looking slim. To begin with, you can opt for lighter cotton fabrics that are far easier for you to carry as opposed to heavy coarse ones since the latter tends to give you a more fuller look. So instead of going for pure or heavy south cotton, try choosing blended fabrics that will go easy on your figure.

How To Look Slim In Silk Saree

Silk sarees are the epitome of grace and royalty, but they are a tricky business if you intend to wear them to look slim. But worry not, for we’ve got you covered on that ground as well! Since it is stiff in nature, the fabric ends up adding a lot of volume to the pleats while also giving your look a stiff fall. The trick is to wear blended silks, so opt for blends like cotton-silk, Italian silk, or georgette-silk. We hope that with these useful tips, you can choose a saree style that makes you look slimmer and feel fabulous!

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